7 Times K-Pop Introduced Us To The Most Compelling Lores

One of the fascinating elements of K-pop is the rich and captivating stories that idol groups introduce throughout their music. Today, we’re specifically shedding light on the main storylines that make up an immense part of these groups’ identities, with some of these tales being a permanent component since the creation of said groups.

To look further into these fascinating narratives, here are some of the most interesting K-pop lores to exist.

1. EXO – Extraterrestrial abilities

The birth of EXO happens to be out of this world, so to speak. Actually, the term “Exo” refers to something external, coming from outside; and the members embody this trait with each one of them having a specific superpower that is meant to help them restore the tree of life. Ever since the first time they connected with these powers on “MAMA,” the boys continue to subtly channel their exceptional abilities in various settings via “Lucky One,” “Ko Ko Bop,” and “Power.” Furthermore, even their concerts carry on the narrative, with their tours being labeled “EXO Planet,” and the teasers and VCRs showing EXO vividly embracing their elements.

2. LOONA – Celestial embodiment

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From their group name to their logo and even their fanclub name, the lunar reference is strong with this one. In fact, the group’s Korean name is 이달의 소녀 which translates to “Girl of the Month,” keeping in mind the lunar calendar formula. Also, the consonants ㅇ, ㄷ, ㅇ, ㅅ, and ㄴ from their Korean name are used to form their English name LOONA, stylized as LOOΠΔ to highlight the similarities between the Latin and Korean alphabets. The rookies embrace their band name to the letter, as every member released a solo track each month prior to their official debut.

Get to know LOONA and watch their official debut song “Hi High”:

3. VIXX – Ancient mythologies

On top of being known for their dark, elite, and mystic concepts, the group’s name itself incorporates fascinating language elements, as VIXX signifies “Value In Excelsis.” The expression “In Excelsis” is Latin for “In the highest degree,” which makes the group’s name even more striking when combined with the captivating mythologies they often incorporate in their music. Their “VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION” trilogy is one of their most successful concepts, which was heavily based on Greek mythology gods Zelos, Hades, and Kratos, which happen to be the titles of the releases as well as the main topic of each respective title track. All hail the masters of myths!

4. DreamCatcher – Wicca

Magic and rituals, anyone? Aside from the occasional Halloween-themed MVs that we enjoy every now and then, it’s safe to say that DreamCatcher coined the Wiccan concept upon their reboot, and they heavily illustrate it in the entirety of their music videos. Just like dreamcatchers essentially protect people during their sleep, perhaps the message behind the group’s name is to protect their listeners with their enchanting music, albeit the whole witchcraft scenery being a bit paradoxical. Either way, good witches exist too!

5. BTS – The meaning of youth

While many know about BTS’s message since the HYYH era, as they contemplated “the most beautiful moment in life,” the boys’ main cause started way back. Indeed, since the creation of the Bulletproof Boy Scouts, their mission has been, in J-Hope’s words, “[…] protecting the young people in their 10s, 20s with our music from all the ‘bullets’ of prejudice and misunderstandings. In terms of music, we’re speaking the minds of the young people with our hip hop music.” We can amply see how the boys’ quest to walk the path of youth has evolved through their music, MVs, short films, and highlight reels as they tackled societal expectations, dreams, temptation, and self-love.

6. WJSN – Astrology

WJSN is an acronym for the group’s Korean name 우주소녀 or Wu Ju So Nyeo, which translates to their English name Cosmic Girls. These 13 rising idols come with an interesting story of their own. Each of the 12 original members represents an official zodiac sign, although it doesn’t necessarily fit some members’ original dates of birth. Yeonjung, the latest addition to the group, represents Ophiuchus, which is a large constellation that is sometimes used as the 13th sign of the Zodiac and stands for “Serpent-bearer” in Greek.

Catch WJSN in their element in the “Secret” MV below:

7. Block B – Mischievous conduct

Who doesn’t like a little bit of playfulness? Granted, Block B’s style has always been out of the box compared to other idol groups. While they maintain their rebellious image throughout the making of their music to this day, one of their most memorable cinematic works has got to be the “Gangster clown” storyline, which was first teased towards the end of “Be The Light” MV, and briefly lasted through “Very Good” and “Jackpot.” This concise plot landed the group notable recognition for its fun, fresh, and feisty outlook. It looks like Block B succeeded in staying true to their name as potential blockbusters of the Korean music industry after all!

Which lore has caught your interest the most? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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