Kim Sung Kyun Talks About His Friendship With Cho Seung Woo And Ji Sung’s Energy On Set

Kim Sung Kyun recently praised fellow actors Cho Seung Woo and Ji Sung.

On September 14, the actor sat down for an interview and talked about his upcoming film “Feng Shui” (working title).

“Feng Shui” tells the story of a genius feng shui master named Park Jae Sang (played by Cho Seung Woo), who can change people’s fate through the ground’s energy, and those who try to capture the best land in order to become a king.

In the film, Kim Sung Kyun plays Kim Byung Gi, an ambitious man who tries to enjoy wealth and honor through the ground. As the son of Kim Jwa Geun, a powerful man who rocks [the king’s] royal authority, he comes into conflict with Park Jae Sang and Heung Sun (played by Ji Sung).

Although both actors were born in 1980, Kim Sung Kyun revealed that since Cho Seung Woo had an early birthday, they called each other hyung and dongsaeng [older brother and younger brother]. Kim Sung Kyun stated, “Seung Woo hyung was actually one year above me at school. I had a lot of respect for him. As an actor, I admire him a lot. I’m disappointed we couldn’t meet a lot on set. We had about two scenes together, but he’s an extremely pleasant person who makes others feel comfortable.”

He continued, “I’m a huge fan. I think ‘Tazza: The High Rollers,’ ‘Chunhyang,’ and ‘The Classic’ were the most memorable [movies]. Although he was born in the early ’80s, he’s already like a veteran actor.” He added a joking message for Cho Seung Woo, saying, “I think that as a hyung, [you] need to be nicer from now on.”

Kim Sung Kyun also talked about his feelings of respect for Ji Sung as he stated, “He’s always into his acting on set. He doesn’t have an ounce of laziness. He doesn’t let himself get distracted at any moment and only concentrates on his scenes. He’s also constantly moving.” He also added, “He’s even more amazing during action scenes. I made the effort to not lose to Ji Sung. Because he’s miles ahead running at the forefront, I thought I’d try to at least keep up with him.”

He continued to talk about their action scenes, saying, “My body is stiff. I dislike working out. I think Ji Sung likes it, though. He’s good at using the swords and horseback riding. Isn’t he supposed to act opposite of me? We’re supposed to play off each other, but while practicing at the gym, the difference in skills was so great that I couldn’t keep up.”

He also said, “[Ji Sung] is really earnest. Before we shot our action scene together, if I’d be resting, Ji Sung would always be practicing. So I’d look at that and start practicing as well.”

The film will premiere on September 19.

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