Kim Yun Seok Jokes About Joo Ji Hoon’s Health And Talks About Friendship With Junior Actors

Actor Kim Yun Seok had a lot to say about Joo Ji Hoon and his fellow co-stars’ health!

On September 14, Kim Yun Seok sat down for an interview for the release of his film “Dark Figure of Crime.”

“Dark Figure of Crime” will tell the story of a murderer (Joo Ji Hoon), who confesses to seven additional murders while in jail, and a detective (Kim Yun Seok), who believes his confession and investigates these crimes.

He stated, “Before, [the actors] were all healthy. Kang Dong Won was sturdy and Ha Jung Woo was equal to 100 men, but Joo Ji Hoon has an extremely weak stomach. He’s the style to get stomachaches when he’s nervous.”

He also stated, “Surprisingly, I think Jin Seon Kyu has weak bronchial tubes. He got a cold. If you see the movie, you’ll know, but there’s a scene where he acts while lying underground. It was extremely cold there.”

Kim Yun Seok later continued to talk about Joo Ji Hoon and other junior actors as he said, “My chemistry with Yoo Ah In, Kang Dong Won, Ha Jung Woo, Byun Yo Han; it’s all the same. They’re all junior actors that I feel extremely comfortable and friendly with.”

He continued, “If you look at just the age, they’re all kids who are like my nephews. Rather than an older brother, I’m at the age of being like an uncle. It’s really comfortable, because we’re close enough where I can grab a drink with them since they’re not underage. In addition, since were in the same industry, I know of their pain.”

Later, In response to Joo Ji Hoon, who described him as “a custard-like senior,” Kim Yun Seok stated, “I’m laughing. It was a very unique description. He said he saw my ‘sweet’ sides, so it was sweet.”

He added, “After watching the drama ‘The Lucifer,’ I thought [Joo Ji Hoon] was a charismatic actor. He was at the screening for ‘Will You Be There?’ He had worked with the director before, so after meeting him there, I told him we should work together, but we ended up working together for [‘Dark Figure of Crime’]. Maybe it’s because he’s friendly with Ha Jung Woo, but [Joo Ji Hoon] is more sly than I thought.”

“Dark Figure of Crime” premieres on October 3.

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