3 Reasons To Check Out Uee’s New Family Drama “My Only One”

KBS’s new weekend drama “My Only One,” starring Uee, Lee Jang Woo, Na Hye Mi, Choi Soo Jong, and more, is nearing its premiere!

“My Only One” tells the story of a woman whose life is upended by the reappearance of her father after 28 years in prison. It is meant to be a family-oriented drama that shows people rediscovering their hope in life.

Here are some reasons you should tune in to the premiere on September 15:

Choi Soo Jong’s return

Much has been made of the fact that “My Only One” is Choi Soo Jong’s first public broadcast station drama (e.g. KBS, MBC, SBS) in six years. In a way, his return to the public small screen reflects his character, Kang Soo Il, who also sets off the drama’s plot by reappearing in his daughter’s life.

Choi Soo Jong is a veteran actor who has been called the “crown of dramas,” so many people are looking forward to seeing his comeback, particularly in the melodramatic “weekend drama” genre. He is expected to bring a lot of pathos to his character, who has to hide his identity to ensure that he doesn’t get in the way of his only daughter’s future.

At the press conference, Choi Soo Jong said, “I felt the appeal of a father who takes the hard road when something bad happens in order to save his family. I thought that many people could relate to this kind of character, and that’s why I took it on. This is the first time I’ve played a father who acts like a father.”

Synergy you can trust

As weekend dramas tend to feature complicated, multi-person storylines, they rely much less on a single star and focus instead on the synergy between the cast. “My Only One” has a stellar main and supporting cast that mixes veteran actors with youthful energy: Choi Soo Jong, Uee, Lee Jang Woo, Yoon Jin Yi, Na Hye Mi, Jung Jae Soon, Park Sang Won, Cha Hwa Yeon, Lee Hye Sook, Im Ye Jin, Jung Eun Woo, and Park Sung Hoon.

Producing director Hong Suk Goo also boasts an impressive resumé, having previously directed “Girls’ Generation 1979,” “Perfect Wife,” and “Golden Cross.” The production staff gave a statement that said, “Kim Sa Kyung’s strong script, an amazing cast, and Hong Suk Goo’s emotional direction come together in a perfect synergy to bring life to the drama.”


The keyword for “My Only One” is “relatable.” It shows the human consequences of society punishing the families of convicted criminals even when they weren’t involved in the crime. Even if this is not a problem that applies to the viewer specifically, everyone has experienced feeling left out of society for something that was out of one’s control.

Rather than unambiguously good or bad people, “My Only One” shows ordinary people who make sacrifices for their happiness and those of the ones they love. It shows how family is important in overcoming the obstacles and rediscovering one’s optimism in life.

“My Only One” will be available on Viki. Check out the trailer below!

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