VIXX Surprises Leader N And Han Ji Min With Coffee Truck On Set Of “Familiar Wife”

VIXX showed their support for their leader N with a sweet gesture, with a little teasing twist!

VIXX’s N is currently appearing in the tvN drama “Familiar Wife” as Kim Hwan and his fellow members decided to show their support by surprising him with a coffee truck on the set of his drama. N shared a series of photos he took with Han Ji Min in front of the truck on his Instagram account, and he wrote the caption, “Today’s record. But how can they say I’m detestable.”

The caption itself might be confusing, but understandable once the banners on the coffee truck are seen. Though the coffee truck is said to be for N, the biggest banner on the truck instead reads, “We support God-Jimin. We love you. From VIXX (who are living with Kim Hwan).” The smaller banner reads, “Though he might be a little detestable, thank you for loving him,” with a photo of the VIXX members together.

N adds more laughter to the situation as he looks down with a sad expression on his face while Han Ji Min is smiling brightly next to him.

“Familiar Wife” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST. Tune in to the latest episode below!

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