Hwang Bo Ra Talks About “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” And Being Grateful For Her Busy Year

Hwang Bo Ra reflected on her busy year and her past projects in a recent interview with @star1 Magazine.

The actress, who posed for a pictorial for the upcoming October issue of the magazine, recently appeared in the popular tvN drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” She is currently preparing to film the upcoming spy drama “Vagabond” (working title) alongside Suzy, Lee Seung Gi, and Shin Sung Rok.

Hwang Bo Ra commented, “Thanks to my character as a National Intelligence Service agent in ‘Vagabond,’ I was finally able to cut my hair into a bob after wanting to do so for six years. I personally suggested the bob hairstyle as a look that would fit the character.”

The actress also talked about her role in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” where she earned praise for her portrayal of her character Bong Se Ra. She shared, “The character Bong Se Ra, who has a fiery and honest personality, is similar to me. We’re also similar in how we enjoy drinking.”

After naming documentary programs such as KBS’s “Screening Humanity” and EBS’s “Mother-In-Law and Daughter-In-Law Story” as two of her favorite TV shows, Hwang Bo Ra explained, “I learn about life through the different people on the programs, and I also [watch the shows] to study acting.”

Hwang Bo Ra has had a remarkably busy year. In addition to “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” and the upcoming drama “Vagabond,” she has appeared in the film “The Discloser” and the drama “The Miracle We Met,” and she has also been cast in the film “Accidental Marriage” (literal title).

When asked about her many casting offers and being known among viewers as a dependable actress, Hwang Bo Ra stated, “I’m so grateful for this kind of description. I think that I was lucky in 2018, and I want to work even harder.”

Check out Hwang Bo Ra in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” below!

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