10 Sweet Tips Plus Holy Grail Products To Get That Fabulous Monolid Look

Let’s hear it for the gals (and guys) with little (to no) lid space to work with!

There are so many makeup tutorials out there for girls with double eyelids, but it’s a bit harder to find some varied tips and tricks for people with monolids. So here are some honey tips (“kkultip” – a Konglish slang that means good tips) for monolids that we’ve acquired over the years!

1. False eyelashes are your best friend!

Falsies will really help accentuate your eyes and open them up.

2. Prime, prime, prime!

Before you apply that eyeshadow or eyeliner, make sure to use an eyeshadow primer! It keeps the eyeshadow color from fading, the oil at bay (say good bye to raccoon eyes!), and eyeliner from transferring. This is the eyeliner primer that I recommend:

The Proof 10 Eye Primer from Etude House is considered a dupe for the famous Urban Decay primer, because it’s so much cheaper but it works so well!

3. Instead of a wing, opt for the puppy eye look.

Park Bo Young is known for her puppy eyes!

A sharper wing (or a cat-eye) can make you look fierce, but if the wing is too sharp, it can make your eyes look squished together. For the puppy eye look, bring the liner down (instead of flicking the wing up) and follow the natural curve of your eye. This will make your eyes look rounder and softer. You can also do this as part of a no-makeup makeup style: instead of a visible line, as you tightline your eyes, slightly bringing out the edge of the liner and following the natural curve of your eye.

4. Connect your top and bottom lids by putting a darker shadow just in the outer corners of your eyes.

It will look like a sort of gradient going from the outer corners of your eyes to the inner corners. By doing this, it will make your eyes seem wider and more full!

5. Use a nude liner and line your bottom waterline.

Nude eye liners are great because they make your eyes look much more alert and open them up as well.

6. Or do a 1/3 black and 2/3 white liner!

While usually lining your bottom waterline with a black liner is a big no-no (especially for monolids), you can this trick inspired by CL! Line about a third of your bottom waterline with a black eyeliner (starting from the outer corners), and then line the rest with a white or a nude liner.

7. Try a floating eye liner!

The most frustrating thing ever is when you spend all that time literally coloring your entire upper lid only to fully open up your eye and see the line disappear. But HALLELUJAH, here is a solution: floating eye liner. Instead of drawing that cat eye on your lash line, draw it in the crease so it “floats” right above your eye. It’ll take some practice to get it just right, but when you do, say goodbye to practicing your coloring skills on your upper lid!

8. Apply eyeshadow with your eyes open

This is only if you’re planning on doing very simple eyeshadow (like one color), but I’ve found doing this helps me to not overshoot the amount of eyeshadow on my upper lid!

9. Contour the area around your eyes

It definitely helps to add more definition to your face!

10. Waterproof EVERYTHING is a must!

Here are some products (that have been true and tried by yours truly) that will last through ANYTHING. From late night sobbing sessions rewatching “Miracle in Cell No.7” to getting caught in a typhoon without an umbrella, these products have withstood some of the toughest conditions known to eyeliner-kind.

This mascara is AMAZING. It will not budge once you put it on, and even traditional makeup removers might have a hard time taking this off. It’s perfect for people with oily lids. This particular mascara is for long and curl, and it definitely keeps that curl in place! This is a must for us monolid girls and our short lashes!

This eyeliner also DOES NOT BUDGE. Like at all. It does say it’s for smudging, but you have to be quick about it, or the eyeliner will set and you’ll have a hard time going for a more smoky look. The tip is a bit blunt, so this eyeliner is best for doing puppy eyes rather than a sharp wing.

Another gel eyeliner, this one is famous for its durability under even the most humid conditions. Because the applicator is a brush, it may take some time to get used to it, but once you get the hang of it, you can make the most wicked cat-eye ever.

This liquid eyeliner is a favorite of many people who want that sharp flick. Great for tight-lining, it’s also super waterproof and really easy to use if you’re just starting out using liquid eyeliners!

Embrace your monolids, ladies (and guys)! Are there are kkultips that we missed Soompiers? Let us know in the comments below!

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