Watch: Lee Je Hoon And Chae Soo Bin Share Inner Thoughts + Have Drastically Different Job Interviews In “Where Stars Land”

Lee Je Hoon’s and Chae Soo Bin’s characters are revealed to be very different people for “Where Stars Land.”

In the first teaser, Lee Je Hoon helps passengers in the terminal with a smiling face, but shows his pensive side when not interacting with them. He narrates, “260,000 people pass by and work here every day. But the only thing that I want, is to not reveal myself, as much as possible.”

In the second teaser, Chae Soo Bin ducks under a shop alcove to find shelter from the rain. She finds herself standing by Lee Je Hoon and comments, “He happened to be standing there.”

Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin show their characters’ distinct personalities during their respective job interviews. During his job interview, Lee Je Hoon looks very proper and sits as straight as a board. When asked why he wanted to work at the airport, he answers, “I originally wanted to be a pilot,” catching the attention of his interviewers.

On the other hand, Chae Soo Bin sports a bloody head wound during her interview. Her interviewers are quite concerned, but she brushes them aside, saying, “I really want to pass! It’s my dream!” Afterwards, she passes out.

It was reported that during filming, Lee Je Hoon was all smiles in between scenes, but immediately pulled out a calm expression when it was time to film. Chae Soo Bin received applause from staff members, for not holding back when it came to throwing her body against the ground for her fainting scene.

The production staff stated, “With their very different personalities, the two will bring a new kind of fun as they become entangled in the same team at the airport. Please look forward to the chemistry between the special man who wants to live an ordinary life, and the ordinary woman who wants to live a special life.”

“Where Stars Land” is about the mysterious new employee Lee Soo Yeon (played by Lee Je Hoon) who harbors a secret, and Han Yeo Reum (played by Chae Soo Bin), the first-year employee with the troubled past who causes accidents wherever she goes. The two struggle and heal each other’s wounds as they work together at Incheon International airport. The drama is written by Kang Eun Kyung, the writer behind “Romantic Doctor Kim.”

The drama will air on October 1 at 10 p.m. KST, after “30 but 17.”

Watch the full teasers below!

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