Nam Joo Hyuk Has Nothing But Admiration For Jo In Sung

On September 17, Nam Joo Hyuk held an interview where he talked about his “The Great Battle” co-star Jo In Sung. Jo In Sung plays general Yang Man Choon, while Nam Joo Hyuk portrays Sa Mul, as the two take on the battle of Ansi Fortress.

Nam Joo Hyuk shared, “As filming for the movie went on, I could feel Sa Mul’s growth. I could also feel myself growing along with the film.” He added, “Just working with such great seniors was an honor in and of itself. Whenever I went on set, I learned a lot, just as Sa Mul learned at the scene of battle.”

He continued, “There’s a lot to learn from all the senior actors. Jo In Sung in particular, I learned things just from watching him. I realized and reflected on the fact that even though I try to work on being a good person, I need to become an even better person.”

“The Great Battle” will premiere on September 19.

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