Actress Bae Hyo Won Plans To Take Legal Action Against Harasser Pretending To Be Her Boyfriend

Actress Bae Hyo Won will take legal action against a man that has been harassing her.

Bae Hyo Won, who debuted in 2011 through “God’s Quiz 2,” has also had roles in “Roman Holiday,” “Discovery of Love,” “Descendants of the Sun,” and “Stranger.” She gained attention for her portrayal as a nurse in “Descendants of the Sun” and as a secretary in “Stranger.”

On September 16, Bae Hyo Won revealed a screenshot that she took of a social media post made by a man who has been posing as her boyfriend. She wrote, “People closest to me will know how long he has been harassing me. I thought giving him attention would be like poison so I didn’t, but the situation is getting out of hand.”

The man and Bae Hyo Won had roles as hostages in the movie “Roman Holiday,” but were not acquaintances and had no contact with each other. However, he started contacting her in February and calling her late at night which led her to block him.

Bae Hyo Won continued to explain, “After I blocked him, he started posting pictures of me and writing things that weren’t true. He kept posting the photo we took together while filming ‘Roman Holiday’ and wrote as if we were dating. I originally did not know as I had blocked him. He told people he knew and the people we filmed the movie with that we were an item. People also contacted me to ask if I was dating him. I was really dumbfounded.” It escalated to him telling their mutual acquaintances about how much he loved her and he would falsify one-sided conversations to seem like affectionate texts sent to each other.

Furthermore, she stated, “When I reported this to the Cyber Bureau of the Seongdong District Police in July, they told me to understand because I’m an actor and he’s just expressing his love as a fan. They said that he seems mentally unstable so it’s better to ignore him. They suggested I contact someone who was influential from the movie to see if they can control him if it became too stressful. So I contacted two people, a film crew member and actor, to ask them to do just that and in July, I let it go. However, it started up again. Except this time, he mentioned my name and used suggestive language or sexual audio to create fake stories. The fact that someone I do not even know personally is posting such preposterously shameful things as if they are true and has directly targeted and harassed me since February, I am extremely offended, disgusted, and creeped out.”

Her post also mentioned how the man’s mother made matters worse by saying, “The only thing my son did wrong was that he liked you. Why are you treating my son like he’s crazy.”

She firmly asserted, “There is no more forgiving. Even if his posts are deleted later, I have screenshotted everything until now. The delusions, lies, and inappropriate jokes. I don’t want to share the other screenshots here on Instagram because they are so offensive. ”

Bae Hyo Won said, “I have been patient time and time again, trying to sympathize, but he doesn’t seem remorseful at all and doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong. I am uploading this post to make it known how he has been constantly harassing me. Enough is enough.”

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