Yeon Woo Jin, Jung Yu Mi, and Park Yong Woo Confirmed For Upcoming Medical Exorcism Drama

Actors Yeon Woo Jin, Jung Yu Mi, and Park Yong Woo have been confirmed for OCN’s upcoming weekend drama “Priest” (literal translation).

“Priest” is a medical exorcism drama about a doctor and exorcist who join forces to protect the people they love. It will display the supernatural forces that happen at South Catholic Hospital in the year of 2018.

Yeon Woo Jin will play Oh Soo Min, an exorcist who tries to uphold his principles. An energetic and responsible man who prefers actions to words and practice to prayer, Oh Soo Min is a young priest who goes by the Catholic name Michael. He’s a member of the unofficial exorcist association “634 Regia.” After losing his mother, who became possessed by a demon, but was unable to go through an exorcism, Oh Soo Min trains under Father Moon to become an exorcist priest. The actor previously starred in projects such as “Judge vs. Judge,” “Queen for Seven Days,” and “Marriage, Not Dating.”

Jung Yu Mi will take on the character of Ham Eun Ho, a doctor who tries to protect lives. With a level-headed judgement and sharp, nimble fingers, she is the practical ace of the Emergency Medicine Department. She becomes a doctor after her family goes through an unfortunate accident, with the determination to save people’s lives. She’s also a materialist who believes that there’s no God who loves humans. After encountering supernatural occurrences at the South Catholic Hospital, her life changes after she meets the priest Oh Soo Min, a man whose beliefs and life differs from hers in every way. Jung Yu Mi previously appeared in “Partners for Justice.”

Park Yong Woo will make a drama comeback after a three-year hiatus as the exorcist Moon Ki Sun, a priest who tries to protect everyone. Although he was originally someone who preferred using his hands to talking things out, and penance to repentance, he becomes cautious in everything he does after a certain incident eight years ago. As one of the founding members of 634 Regia, Moon Ki Sun, whose Catholic name is Peter, is both a teacher and father-figure to Oh Soo Min.

The production staff of the drama stated, “‘Priest’ is a medical exorcism drama that OCN will present in a new fashion. It is a project that will draw the cooperation between a exorcist who beliefs in God and a doctor who believes in science, as well as the value of life in those they try to protect together. Through new charms they haven’t shown before, Yeon Woo Jin, Jung Yu Mi, and Park Yong Woo will add to the synergy of this project. We are preparing hard so [this] OCN original drama, which is breaking new ground in the genre category, can also rise to fame. Please look forward to it.”

“Priest” will be the joint work between director Kim Jong Hyun (“Take Off 2,” “Superstar Mr. Gam”) and rookie writer Moon Man Se.

The drama will premiere in November, following the broadcast of “Player.”

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