Ji Sung Talks About Lee Bo Young + Friendship With Cho Seung Woo

On September 18, Ji Sung and director Park Hee Gon appeared on SBS’s “Park Sun Young’s Cine Town” ahead of the release of their upcoming film “Feng Shui.”

DJ Park Sun Young began by bringing up Ji Sung’s currently on-air drama, tvN’s “Familiar Wife.” Ji Sung mentioned that he had around one more day of filming left, as the drama will be airing its last episodes this week.

Park Sun Young then asked how his wife Lee Bo Young had reacted to the drama. He answered, “I’ve never had this sort of thought, but in the drama, I go back in time to change my wife. It’s crazy. My wife said, ‘If your wife were really like that, you couldn’t live with her.’ I think that if I had lived my life like [my character] Cha Joo Hyuk, I wouldn’t have been able to choose this drama. It was probably uncomfortable for [my wife] as I acted, but thankfully it’s just acting.”

The conversation then turned to “Feng Shui.” The director introduced the film as one about the ambition and greed of people who want land, and their choices of what to do with the land. The cast includes Ji Sung, Cho Seung Woo, Kim Sung Kyun, Baek Yoon Shik, Moon Chae Won, Yoo Jae Myung, and more.

On the star-studded cast, the director laughed and commented, “People around me told me that there won’t be a director that will enjoy this kind of a cast in the next 10 years.” He added, “The first task in the casting process was to find eight people who have the acting skills to express ambition well, as well as show harmonious conflict, get together, and split up. The production companies and investors chose the eight cast members without conflicting opinions, and thankfully the eight of them agreed to appear. It felt like I had gathered an army by my side.”

Ji Sung then talked about how he had always been a fan of his co-star Cho Seung Woo. He shared, “We filmed comfortably, respecting each other. I’m a fan of Cho Seung Woo as an actor, and so I got excited even when looking into his eyes while we filmed. He’s a really good friend. Even though I’m older, sometimes it feels like he’s older. He’s a great person in general. As we acted together, he became reliable. I feel as though we could show great chemistry no matter what kind of scenes we would be given.”

The actor then mentioned his family, as Lee Bo Young is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child. He remarked, “It’s a time when I want to spend a lot of time with my family, but I was filming the drama so I wasn’t able to do so. But I’ll be finishing my drama soon. Whenever filming ends, I go home and see my first child sleeping. I hug her and since I couldn’t be with her, I also whisper in her ear, ‘Dad loves you.'” He added, “My first child’s nickname was ‘BoBae’ and my second child’s nickname is ‘BoAh.’ Both are shortened versions of [Lee] Bo Young’s Baby (ah gi is baby in Korean).”

Ji Sung then adorably remarked that the seat with the best feng shui in a movie theater for him was the one next to Lee Bo Young. He became embarrassed and commented, “It doesn’t seem important where to sit.” He added that he also watched films of genres that Lee Bo Young liked, saying, “Thinking about it now, I think I just watch what Lee Bo Young says to watch.”

“Feng Shui” will premiere on September 19.

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