Son Ye Jin Talks About Friendship With Jo In Sung And Cho Seung Woo + Their Movies Premiering On The Same Day

Son Ye Jin, Jo In Sung, and Cho Seung Woo will be engaging in some friendly competition over their upcoming films.

The actress’s upcoming film “Negotiation” will be premiering on September 19, the same day as Jo In Sung’s “The Great Battle” and Cho Seung Woo’s “Feng Shui.” The three actors all starred in hit rom-com “Classic” in 2003.

On the premiere battle with her former co-stars, Son Ye Jin remarked, “Our movies really ended up premiering on the same day. We’re all really proud of each other. It’s been 15 years since ‘Classic’ premiered, but a lot of people still talk about it. It’s hard for these moments to overlap, and so I think it’s great that we’re all active as actors even now. I hope we all do well.”

She expressed further affection for the rom-com saying, “‘Classic’ continues to air on television a lot. When I see it, it feels like I’ve gotten on a time machine. I remember the emotions I felt and the scents I smelled while filming when I was young. As an actor, I’m very thankful.”

Son Ye Jin has been especially busy this year. Earlier this year, she appeared in film “Be with You,” and then starred in JTBC’s “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.” She will be finishing her third project this year with “Negotiation.” On her jam packed year, she commented, “Coincidentally, there were no gaps between the three works, as one project led to another. Thankfully, many people loved them both, so I was lucky and grateful. ‘Negotiation’ is a completely different from the other two, so I hope that people will see it so.”

When asked if she was tired from constantly filming and promoting, she smiled and answered, “I still have energy left. People tell me that I have good stamina, but I’m not sure. I definitely experience satisfaction and joy from working. I’m happiest when I meet people with similar thoughts and work with them.”

On being picked as a role model by younger actresses such as Kim So Hyun, Gong Seung Yeon, and more, she expressed, “I was so happy. I never thought I would be that kind of senior actress, but I now feel time passing by. I also grew by watching others, but now I’ve become that person. I’m proud and I think, ‘I worked hard until now.’ I also think that time passes by fast. It’s a great thing to become someone who others with the same dreams want to be like.”

Son Ye Jin then talked about the kind of acting she wanted to try. She picked, “I want to try something that will let me act and also try a performance like ‘Black Swan.'” She laughed and added, “I’m not good at dancing. But I like trying things I haven’t. I enjoy challenges.” She continued, “When I was younger, I thought about how to deal with acting. Now, I think it’s a very obvious thing to become an actor who works hard and takes responsibility regardless of the results. I think that doing my best in acting and conveying concerns, empathy, or emotions is something to be grateful for. I want to continue to act. I hope that my passion continues to come out.”

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