Nam Joo Hyuk Talks About The Pressures Of Praise

Nam Joo Hyuk talked about being praised, the importance of effort, his relationship with his “The Great Battle” co-stars, and being more humble.

On September 18, Nam Joo Hyuk sat down for an interview, ahead of his upcoming film “The Great Battle.” He shared, “I was really lucky to work with these senior actors. I thought that I shouldn’t ever be a burden to this kind of set.”

Nam Joo Hyuk talked about being praised and commented, “I felt a lot of pressure because I was praised. I’m not the type of person to be vain, so if praise ever gets to my ego, then I think I would hate myself.”

He continued, “From the pressure that comes from praise, I thought a lot about how I should work harder to do better for more people from now on. That’s why rather than feeling happy about being complimented, I’m the type of person to think, ‘What do I do from now on.’ I think, ‘I’ll do better next time.'”

The actor then remarked, “I’m so thankful if [the public] recognizes my effort. I haven’t just worked hard on this film. I prepare and work hard for every project that I do, but sometimes it can appear as if I haven’t worked hard on something. I always put in equal amounts of preparation, but I think it’s because I still look insecure. People enjoy it if I do well, and criticize when I haven’t done well. But I’m not tied down by people’s assessments.”

Nam Joo Hyuk brought up how his co-star Bae Sung Woo had called him sly. He commented, “I think the others say things like that because we’re comfortable with each other. Normally, I’m tense and appear that way, but when I go into filming, I’m not that way at all. Though they’re senior actors that can be difficult in a way, I think they call me that since I go up to them and call them, ‘hyung.'”

He also talked about his tendency to joke around to people he’s comfortable around, saying, “As time passes by, I’ve become more calm and more humble. I’ve been thinking that I need to treat the people around me better. I’ve always had those kinds of thoughts, but they’ve become more prominent.” He added, “Before, I wasn’t so bright. When I did variety shows, I had friends who joked around with me. Other than that, I wasn’t really the type to bounce around. As time passed, I bounced around even less.”

“The Great Battle” will premiere on September 19.

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