Goo Hara Apologizes And Says She Wants To Stop Fighting With Her Boyfriend Regarding Assault Case

Goo Hara has shared her thoughts on the latest incident with her boyfriend.

On September 19, Goo Hara spoke to Korean media outlet EDaily and said she wants to stop the battle with her boyfriend.

She began, “I want to sincerely apologize to the fans and the public for causing a disturbance during the last couple days. I want to put an end to this disturbance that has gotten out of hand.”

About her boyfriend “A,” Goo Hara explained, “We were maintaining a healthy, beautiful relationship. We sometimes had arguments or conflicts, but it was no different than any other couple. Then one day, we were unable to resolve a small misunderstanding and our fight became bigger.”

She continued, “Now that it’s become a situation where the public and media are watching, the two of us are engaging in a childlike ugly war of attrition and a messy fight. The thing about an argument is we are both at fault. It can’t be just one side’s fault.”

She added, “I want to forgive someone that I once loved and I also want to be forgiven. I hope that this skillful, respectable person will overcome this incident and find a bright future.”

She concluded, “Instead of continuing this fight through things like interviews and disappointing fans, I will wait for the results of the police investigation. I’m sincerely sorry. I once again bow my head and apologize to the fans and the public.”

According to the police, “A” called the police at a villa in the neighborhood of Nonghyeon in the Gangnam District on September 13 at 12:30 a.m. KST and said that he was assaulted by Goo Hara. Goo Hara has said that it was an assault by both sides.

“A” and Goo Hara then gave interviews with conflicting stories of the incident. In an interview with Chosun Ilbo on September 15, “A” said, “Her claims that it was two-sided violence are not true.” He added, “I’ve never raised a fist at someone in my life. What’s more, I’ve never done so to a woman.”

On September 18, Goo Hara told Dispatch that it was not a one-sided assault against “A.” She stated that “A” was drunk and came into her room first, where he proceeded to curse at her and pull her by her hair. She also released photos of the bruises on her body as well as written diagnoses from the gynecologist and orthopedist.

Later that day, Goo Hara appeared at the Gangnam Police Station for the investigation of the assault case regarding her and her boyfriend.

She said at the time, “The point is not about who hit first. This will be revealed after the police investigation. I will answer everything sincerely during the police investigation.” After attending the police investigation, “A” stated, “I’ll correct Goo Hara’s false interview.”

The police questioned both Goo Hara and “A” on suspicions of assault on both sides and are investigating both of them as victims. Goo Hara has been discharged from the hospital and is resting at home with her family.

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