The cast of “Your Honor” have expressed their farewells to the drama following its conclusion.

Yoon Shi Yoon played the dual roles of judge Han Soo Ho and his delinquent criminal twin brother Han Kang Ho, who impersonates him.

Through his agency, the actor shared, “I was lacking but I was always loved. Thank you to all the fans who always said that the lacking aspects were the best. It was because of that love that I was able to have courage and take on this challenge, as well as grow. When you see me in my next project, I will have improved, and I won’t lose in my battle with myself and will show diverse sides of myself. Please wait a little while. I will greet you all with good news. I will become an actor that always works hard. Thank you.”

Lee Yoo Young took on the role of judge-in-training Song So Eun, who reunites with her sister and begins a new romance with Han Kang Ho.

She remarked, “Thanks to the many viewers who supported and loved ‘Your Honor,’ I was able to gain strength and work hard to act well. Though there were difficult aspects in my thoughts and concerns regarding acting, it felt good when we filmed each episode. I loved Song So Eun, who always said the right things and acted justly, and who lived her life honorably and firmly.”

Hello Venus’s Nara played announcer Joo Eun, Han Soo Ho’s girlfriend who pushed him in the right direction towards justice when he became corrupt.

Nara commented, “The first filming seems like yesterday, but it’s already the last filming so it’s very sad. It is thanks to the director who always did his best, the amazing writer, the senior actors whom I respect, and the staff members who worked hard on set that the time with Joo Eun on ‘Your Honor’ was a happy time.” She added, “As intense as this summer was, ‘Your Honor’ conveyed passionate enthusiasm and happiness. Thank you to everyone who loved Joo Eun and me. As I send Joo Eun off, I will work hard to greet you all with a new character. Please give me a lot of love and interest in the future as well.”

Heo Sung Tae took on the role of Hong Jung Soo, a prosecutor who plotted to take down Han Soo Ho.

He shared, “Hello, I’m ‘prosecutor Hong’ Heo Sung Tae. While I acted as Hong Jung Soo, I worked hard to look at things with a different perspective, to carry the mindset of a villain, and to show the balance between his rigidity and flexibility. Within this process, I gained the opportunity to study this. I’m thankful to the character Hong Jung Soo. As an actor, I’ve become more strong and I’ve grown.”

“Your Honor” concluded on September 20.

If you haven’t already, check out the final episode below!

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