Zico Reveals Which Of His Tracks Brings In The Most Money And The Turning Point Of His Career

On September 22, KBS2TV’s “Joy Of Conversation” had Zico as the guest.

Zico answered many questions regarding his music and career. He revealed on the broadcast that “Boys and Girls” and “I Am You, You Are Me” are the songs that bring him the most copyright money among the songs that he both produced and is the artist for.

He also said that “Okey Dokey” is the song that receives the best reactions when performed at events. The song “Kangaroo” by Wanna One’s unit group Triple Position and produced by Zico was mentioned, with Zico saying “Recently I’ve been feeling the popularity of ‘Kangaroo’ that I worked on with Wanna One.”

When questioned on what he spends all the money on, Zico proved to be a good son, saying that he doesn’t spend a lot of money and gave his royalties to his parents until they paid off all the debt they had. He revealed that the first thing he bought for himself with his royalties was a speaker.

Zico spoke about how he first started composing and producing music, saying “My dream was to be a musician who was really good at rapping, but within my company, there was a lot of tension and all the producers and composers left the company. I had to debut, but there was no one left to create the track, so I thought that I have to make it myself. I started learning from other producers and the first song that was produced was ‘NalinA.'” He expressed that the reason he started composing and producing was survival, saying “We couldn’t find a song that embodied the color of Block B, so out of survival, I started composing. I composed so I could live.”

Zico chose “Show Me the Money 4” as the turning point of his career. Zico participated in the rap survival show as a producer. He commented, “I expected negative comments and reactions, but I wasn’t scared. Back then, people didn’t know me. I thought that the bigger the prejudice was, the greater the reversal of it would be.”

Meanwhile, “Joy Of Conversation” is a show that emphasizes the importance and fun of conversation, featuring one guest every episode and having a simple time of conversation with them. The show airs on Saturdays at 10:45 p.m. KST.

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