Lee Soo Man’s And Park Jin Young’s Stock Holdings Revealed To Be Worth Over 200 Billion Won Each

According to a new report, SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man and JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young are the two Korean celebrities with the highest valued stock holdings.

On September 24, the Korean website chaebul.com published a list of the celebrities whose stock holdings were valued at 10 billion won (approximately $8.9 million) or higher.

The report declared that as of September 21, the only two Korean celebrities with over 200 billion won worth of stock holdings were Lee Soo Man and Park Jin Young.

Lee Soo Man, who holds a 19.28 percent stake in SM Entertainment, took first place on the list. After seeing a 37.2 percent increase in the value of his holdings since last year, Lee Soo Man’s stock is currently estimated to be worth 211.2 billion won (approximately $188.7 million).

Park Jin Young, who holds a 16.09 percent stake in JYP Entertainment, enjoyed a staggering 166.2 percent increase in the value of his holdings since last year. The singer-producer came in at second place on the list with 204.7 billion won (approximately $183.4 million) worth of stock.

JYP Entertainment has recently been showing impressive growth, with the company’s stock value rising rapidly over the past several months. In August, JYP Entertainment’s market capitalization surpassed that of SM Entertainment for the very first time in its history. (JYP Entertainment’s market capitalization currently stands at 1.276 trillion won [approximately $1.14 billion], while SM Entertainment’s stands at 1.092 trillion won [approximately $975.7 million].)

YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk took third place on the list, with his 16.12 percent share of YG Entertainment valued at 149.2 billion won (approximately $133.3 million).

Fourth on the list was actor Bae Yong Joon, who currently holds 44 billion won (approximately $39.3 million) worth of SM Entertainment stock after selling a controlling stake of his agency KeyEast to the company earlier this year.

Musical actress Ham Yeon Ji, the eldest daughter of the CEO of food company Ottogi, claimed fifth place on the list with 31.3 billion won (approximately $28 million) worth of stock.

FNC Entertainment founder Han Sung Ho came in at sixth, with his holdings valued at 29 billion won (approximately $26 million).

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