Real Estate-Savvy K-Pop Idols Making Big Bucks As Building Owners

Many celebrities, as their wealth builds, take to investing in real estate for the steady source of passive income it provides in addition to their main work.

Here are 10 K-pop idols who are publicly known as proud building owners (Note: all dollar amounts are approximate, based on the current exchange rate from Korean won):

1. Suzy

In April 2016, Suzy purchased a building in the Samsung neighborhood of the Gangnam district in Seoul for about 3.7 billion won (approximately $3.3 million). The building is five stories tall, and Suzy makes about 15 million won ($13,400) monthly from rent.

2. BIGBANG’s Daesung

In 2017, Daesung purchased a building around Apgujeong Rodeo Station for 31 billion won ($27.7 million). The building is eight stories tall, and rent brings Daesung about 94.7 million won ($84,500) monthly.

3. Han Seung Yeon

Formerly of Kara, Han Seung Yeon purchased a four-story building in Cheongdam in April 2014 for roughly 4.5 billion won ($4 million). Afterward, the star invested 1.1 billion won ($982,000) in renovations for the building, after which the building is now appraised at 6.7 billion won ($6.0 million).

In 2017, Han Seung Yeon bought a building in the Samsung neighborhood with her and her mother as co-owners for 3.7 billion won ($3.3 million).

4. BIGBANG’s Taeyang

In May 2016, Taeyang purchased a seven-story building in Hannam for about 7.75 billion won ($6.9 million). The security deposits for the building total about 400 million won ($357,000), while the monthly lease brings in about 30 million won ($26,800).

In 2014, Taeyang also purchased a 2,490 square-foot villa located in the UN Village in Hannam for 4.2 billion won ($3.75 million).

5. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

In 2014, Kyuhyun bought a six-story building near Myeongdong Station in Seoul for about 7.3 billion won ($6.5 million). The building is currently a guest house being run by Kyuhyun’s family.

6. Girl’s Day’s Yura

In March 2018, Yura revealed on tvN’s “Taxi” that she purchased a building in her hometown of Ulsan.

7. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

In 2017, G-Dragon purchased a building in Cheongdam for roughly 8.8 billion won ($7.86 million). Previously in 2013, the star purchased a building in Seongsu for 3 billion won ($2.7 million).

8. Dasom

Former SISTAR member Dasom has long had an interest in real estate because her mother is a real estate agent. In 2014, she purchased a four-story building for 1.4 billion won ($1.25 million), which she sold two years later for 1.8 billion won ($1.6 million). In 2016, Dasom purchased a five-story building in the Jamsil neighborhood of the Songpa district in Seoul for about 3.1 billion won ($2.8 million).

9. CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa

Jung Yong Hwa is the owner of a four-story building in Cheongdam, which he purchased for about 10.5 billion won ($9.5 million). The building is currently leased by a luxury Swedish bed brand with a security deposit of 600 million won ($535,600) and monthly lease of 30 million won ($26,800).

10. Goo Hara

Goo Hara, who purchased a building in Cheongdam in 2012 for about 1.1 billion won ($982,000), sold the building three years later for 2 billion won ($1.8 million).

In 2015, the star bought a building in Nonhyeon for 3.2 billion won ($2.9 million).

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