Ji Sung Talks About How Lee Bo Young Changed Him

Ji Sung shared how his wife was a source of support for him and how she changed him throughout their relationship.

The actor recently sat down for an interview following the conclusion of his drama “Familiar Wife.” He played Cha Joo Hyuk, a man who finds himself so frustrated with his life and his wife’s treatment that he goes back in time to change the past and erase the moment he meets his wife.

On his character, he remarked, “I never thought that I wouldn’t be able [to understand the character]. I thought that I would be able to just assume the role like a sitcom. I started the drama, thinking it was a lighthearted. But as I was acting, and from the perspective as an actor, it wasn’t like that at all. It was heartbreaking. Seeing it from the perspective of the viewers who empathized with it, it wasn’t a lighthearted topic at all. I did expect these emotions to a certain point, but I didn’t know it would be this difficult at the end of these emotions.”

Ji Sung talked about his wife, Lee Bo Young, who is currently expecting their second child. He shared, “As I was dating my wife, I was very much influenced by her and learned a lot. I think she made me into a dependable man. When you live life, you have family situations, and there are times that are difficult to get through. There’s also the struggle when you try to deal with those things. My wife was the one who lifted the weight off those things.”

He added, “Truthfully, when there were difficult times, I put my parents and my younger sibling before me. So I was the one that always had it hard. As I met my wife, dated, and married her, she helped me learn and realize about myself. I once wept a lot and thanked her. I think those aspects changed me a lot.”

He then shared his experiences with childcare. He commented, “Usually mothers take around one year after giving birth to recover. It’s difficult for them to use their bodies comfortably and act. Helping with childcare is the least I can do. To be honest, that’s why I don’t really have a personal life, to the point where people say I’m no fun. But it’s fun for me. I actually almost never have time to meet with colleague or friends. I meet and say farewell through work. That’s why I tend to share my thoughts with good colleagues. That goes for the actors I worked with in ‘Feng Shui.'”

Ji Sung also explained how his wife had been a source of support for him during the difficult times in his career. He shared, “My wife gave me a lot of strength. My wife was there when I was about to give up. We talked and usually when you say things like, ‘This really difficult thing happened at home,’ people say, ‘Cheer up.’ But my wife said, ‘What man is like that.’ From my wife’s perspective, it was probably hard to hear my story. It was difficult, but her way of comforting me was different, and that helped me.”

“Familiar Wife” concluded on September 20.

If you haven’t already, check out the first episode below!

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