Yoon Hae Sol And Choi So Eun Describe “Produce 48” Dorm Life And Most Memorable Moments

Music Works’ trainees Yoon Hae Sol and Choi So Eun shared their thoughts on appearing on Mnet’s “Produce 48.”

Yoon Hae Sol and Choi So Eun were interviewed by Korean media outlet TV Report at the Hallyu Training Center where they spent their summer competing on “Produce 48” in order to fulfill their dream of debuting in a girl group.

They began, “To be honest, we didn’t have any good memories here. Today, our footsteps feel lighter. We didn’t know that this was a beautiful place with such good weather. That was how difficult the dorm life was, but it was a valuable time.”

While introducing the dorm, Yoon Hae Sol said with a laugh, “I used the handrail of the bunk bed to massage my legs.” The trainees added, “It was difficult because there was only one bathroom per room. The people who shared a room would set the order for who could use the bathroom with rock paper scissors, by how badly you had to go, or by age.”

They continued, “We secretly shared snacks in the dorm and individual practice rooms. It was fun because we did it with many other friends. The hardest part was at the beginning of filming. It’s something that you get used to after some time, but it was hard since it was our first time. But now, it’s a good memory.”

Yoon Hae Sol and Choi So Eun chose “Pick Me (Naekkeoya)” as their most difficult choreography practice. Choi So Eun explained, “I practiced while staying up all night without eating. I couldn’t get used to the choreography, so it was difficult. My skills were lacking, so I got yelled at a lot by trainer Bae Yoon Jung. I also cried a lot. I burst into tears as soon as I received coaching, but I was able to put on a good performance thanks to the teacher, so I’m thankful.”

Yoon Hae Sol said, “I remember the mission practice room. I received praise from Soyou who said, ‘Hae Sol is good.’ I really liked that.”

After touring the dorm, group and individual practice rooms, and cafeteria, Yoon Hae Sol and Choi So Eun said while laughing, “The place that the trainees liked the most was the cafeteria.”

They then described the individual practice room as “a resting place,” saying, “One by one, we would gather and rest after practicing. It wasn’t a long amount of time. We’d take quick naps and snack if our blood sugar was low. It was a heartwarming resting place.”

When asked if they’d reappear on the “Produce” idol survival shows, both trainees immediately answered yes. “We want to do it again,” said the contestants. “We want to show all of our charms and skills that we weren’t able to.”

Yoon Hae Sol concluded, “I want to make people feel like I’m a really charming idol. I’ll work harder and debut.” Choi So Eun added, “I want to work harder and challenge myself again to grab the opportunity. I want to become an idol that makes me feel proud and satisfied.”

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