WJSN Talks About Efforts Behind This Comeback, Teamwork Of 13 Members, Growth, And More

WJSN’s Yoo Yeonjung, Seola, Luda, Bona, and Yeoreum spoke about their comeback, dorm life, teamwork, collaborations, and goals.

The five members are featured in the October issue of @star1 Magazine where they posed for beautiful photos and shared their thoughts in an accompanying interview.

WJSN recently made a comeback with their latest mini album “WJ Please.” Speaking about preparing during their seven-month break, Yeonjung said, “Everyone was dieting for the comeback, and we were able to shoot a pictorial just in time. I’m happy that I was able to shoot pretty photos while my beauty has been upgraded.”

Seola added, “The members wanted to show that we’ve improved with this album, so I think it’s one that we worked really hard on. I think we’ll be able to show more improvement in terms of our skills as well, so I want to hurry up and meet our fans.”

Describing WJSN’s latest mini album “WJ Please?” Yeonjung said, “I think you can see it as a continuation of our last album. The MV and album jacket concept are all connected, so it’ll be good if you look at it as a continuation. It has a story, so it’s also like a drama. There are many elements for the fans to figure out, so there are many things to look for.”

The girl group also stated some of their goals for this comeback. “No. 1 on music programs!” answered Yeonjung. Luda said, “I want to make an album that can imprint WJSN’s style and image on the public.” Yeonjung added, “Since we have many members, I think people may not know each of our members. I hope our team and individual members can become more well-known and that it can become a chance for us to grab more mass appeal.”

In June, Seola and Luda released a single in collaboration with Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon and Choi Yoojung as the group WJMK. About this collaboration and possible others in the future, Seola said, “I didn’t know that I was that shy, but it turns out that I’m really shy. I don’t have many celebrity friends and don’t know how to strike up a conversation, so there was some difficulty in the beginning. But after filming the album jacket and MV, we slowly became close. They’re now good friends whom I’m still in contact with, so I think it was a good opportunity for me personally and not just for work. I was worried because a variety of different people were getting together, but we actually matched well and it was a special time.”

Yeonjung said, “As you know, I’m friends with Doyeon and Yoojung. When Luda and Seola came back from meeting them, they said that it was awkward and were worried. Yoojung and Doyeon said the same thing, so I thought they were all feeling awkward, but they already were video chatting without me even knowing it. Now, I’m actually jealous. It was cool to see WJSN members getting close with people outside of the group.”

Seola explained, “I didn’t know that I’d feel so comfortable with them. Yoojung and Doyeon have a lot of interest in music, so it was easy to talk to them, and it made me think that I want to be friends with them for a long time.” Luda added, “I was worried because I also get really shy. It was also awkward working on teamwork with people who aren’t our members. I think our promotions together had a positive effect in many ways.”

Bona recently appeared as a lead in KBS 2TV’s “Your House Helper” and cemented herself as an idol-actress. “It took about four months to prepare,” she explained. “The character Da Young lived a completely different life than I did, so there were many things that I experienced for the first time. I was a housemate with friends, interned, and also learned a lot about acting. It was really nice filming with senior actors, and they gave me lots of love.”

Other members also spoke about some challenges they hoped to take on in the future. Yeonjung revealed, “I’m interested in musicals. [Musicals] surprised me in a new kind of way, so I want to try it. I think it’s a really attractive field.”

Seola said, “I started learning how to write songs and lyrics, and my thoughts on music changed a lot. I thought that writing songs and lyrics was just hard, but after doing it, I realized that it’s fun and fits me well. I really want [fans] to hear songs that I make.”

Yeoreum added, “I want to try acting and musicals, and I want to attempt many things.” Laughing, Luda replied, “Instead of challenges, I want to fulfill my personal wish of doing unit promotions. We have a lot of charms outside of WJSN’s style, so I want to show fans some different things.”

Yoo Yeonjung appeared on Mnet’s “Produce 101” and promoted as a member of the project girl group I.O.I. When asked about what it’s like to meet the members backstage, she said, “It’s still nice to see them. It’s been a while since I.O.I promotions ended, but we’re constantly in touch. I contact them whenever I miss them. A few I.O.I members went to the live broadcast of the ‘Produce 48’ finale. We met up for the first time in a while, so it was really nice to see everyone, and I had various emotions while being reminded of season one. It also felt weird. Three years of a short, but long time passed by, so I had all kinds of thoughts while sitting there and looking at the contestants.”

WJSN then discussed some moments where they could feel the great teamwork of their 13 members. Bona stated, “I think it becomes stronger after we go through difficult things. The members probably each went through a slump, but we can feel our attachment after overcoming them.”

Seola replied, “When we practice, there are times when we get really confused because there are many members and directions. But I can feel our teamwork when we get focused while practicing. As we gain more experience, I feel really happy when we’re in-sync with our choreography. I also feel like our in-sync choreography is really good for this comeback and even more than other times, so I have high expectations.”

Bona added, “I had individual promotions, so I felt the absence of the members. When I’m with the members, I feel reassured and feel our teamwork.”

About becoming more used to dorm life, Yeonjung explained, “We learned to get to know about each other’s life patterns so that we can be careful and avoid conflict. Subin is sensitive when sleeping, so she wakes up when someone turns on the lights. In order for her to sleep, we only turn on the light stand when getting ready to sleep. We learned about these kinds of things and each other’s tendencies to become as considerate as possible.”

Bona said “I don’t think the members fight a lot. We try not to get in each other’s ways and make an effort to let things go. There isn’t even time to be gloomy. I think we all get along because there are many members. Yeoreum added, “The members know right away when I’m feeling even a little bit gloomy.”

They also went around to name members who were the most different from their first impressions. Luda said while laughing, “I thought that Yeonjung might be cold, but after getting close, I learned that she’s silly and is someone who has to be taken care of. She’s really bright too, and her personality is a bit goofy.”

Bona answered, “At first, Yeoreum was a first-year student in high school, so I thought she was an innocent baby. But I remember being surprised by how she was sharper and stronger than I thought. She also has a strong mentality. I think she’s the strongest one out of the members.”

The girl group concluded by stating their plans and hopes for the future. Yeonjung stated, “We’re having a comeback after a seven-month break. As hard as we worked to prepare for this album, we tried to show you a more improved, developed appearance. You’ll be able to see a more experienced and different WJSN.”

Seola said, “I want to show you that we have non-obvious charms. I want to have fun promoting with our fans.” Bona added, “I hope that it’ll be an album that we can be satisfied by, considering how hard we worked on it. I also hope that our promotions will be a happy time for our fans, WJSN, and everyone.”

Yeoreum added, “We worked hard on each of our albums, but this time, I think we really worked hard to pay attention to every little thing. I hope you won’t miss our promotions and love us.” Luda concluded, “WJSN’s colors were more developed for this album, so we’ll be able to show you better performances. Please look forward to it.”

WJSN released their newest mini album “WJ Please?” and MV for title track “Save Me, Save You” on September 19.

Check out more photos of WJSN below!

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