LOONA Talks About Full-Group Debut, Large-Scale Concert, Role Models, And More

LOONA recently modeled for a gorgeous pictorial and shared their thoughts in an accompanying interview for @star1 Magazine.

After a year and 10 months of the reveal of each member, individual and unit promotions as 1/3, Odd Eye Circle, and yyxy, and a project worth 9.9 billion won (approximately $8.9 million), 12 girls debuted as the girl group LOONA.

On their full-group debut, ViVi said, “After the fifth debut, the four of us did unit promotions, so it didn’t feel real. We had a break after promotions began, so I really looked forward to when we’d promote as a full group. I was really excited for this moment and it feels like my dream has come true.”

JinSoul said, “Since it took a long time [for us to debut], I want to show greater things than our unit promotions.” Kim Lip added, “It didn’t feel real that we could promote as a full group, and I’m really happy that we can promote like this.”

Heejin stated, “The members and fans all waited for LOONA as a whole group. I want to show you various things as a full group.” Olivia Hye added, “It’s meaningful to be revealed as the last member. I want to show good promotions in the future, and I also really want to receive the Rookie Award.”

Chuu commented, “Since it took us a long time to debut, I want us to be the first girl group to approach the public in a new way. We will work hard to become a special girl group.” Yves added, “Personally, I’m happy that I fulfilled my dream of becoming a singer. For the group, I’m happy that we can say hello as a full group with 12 members. It feels like a dream to be on the same stage with seniors who are my role models.”

Go Won said, “I feel like we’re having meaningful and strong promotions. I’m having a good time.” Choerry added, “I’m happy that we were able to debut as a full group after each member was introduced during a long period of time.”

Haseul stated, “I debuted in December 2016 and waited for almost two years. It feels like it’s complete now that we’ve debuted as a full group. I feel energized and it’s fun because we’re able to promote a lot.” Yeojin added, “I was sad that I wasn’t able to promote on broadcasts after my solo debut. Since we’re promoting on broadcasts as a full group and I have 11 older sisters, I feel more confident. I’m lacking because it’s my first time doing broadcast promotions, but I’m going to work that much harder to show you good things.”

Hyunjin remarked, “I earnestly waited for a long time and I’m happy that I was able to debut. I plan to always work hard.”

LOONA held their debut concert “LOONAbirth” on August 19 at the Olympic Hall where they met their fans for the first time as a full group. ViVi commented, “I was really nervous. I didn’t promote a lot during 1/3, so preparing for the concert felt more nerve-wracking than going to the broadcasting station. I was happy that we could show what we prepared for a long time.”

JinSoul said, “I was really nervous. I heard that we were the first to debut on a large scale like this, so I think that made me more nervous. I felt pressured that we had to do a good job since we were the first, but I was happy that [the concert] was sold out. I think I was able to do well thanks to the fans’ cheers.”

“I had a little bit of experience performing on stage, so I felt less nervousness and more pressure,” said Kim Lip. “We looked forward to the large scale [debut], so there was the pressure of having to fulfill that. But I was happy about the fact that we were filling the stage together.”

Heejin added, “I felt really overwhelmed. I know how we practiced for a long period of time and what kind of things we overcame, so I felt overwhelmed with emotion when I got up on the stage. I cried after finishing the performance.” JinSoul said, “We were together for 24 hours while preparing for the concert. Everyone worked hard.”

Chuu stated, “I think we were able to show as much as the public expected, and I think I learned what to do from here on out through the concert.” Yves added, “It was an honor to have our debut concert at the Olympic Hall. There were great expectations about the full group and I felt satisfied that we were able to show a performance that met them.”

LOONA members also discussed some difficulties that they faced while preparing for their solo albums. “I received a lot of help because I came out as the final member,” began Olivia Hye. “I felt thankful that it was a chance for me to show my charms through one song. I want to show my solo performance at our next concert.”

Chuu replied, “While preparing my solo album, I practiced at dawn and had many worries while practicing every day. I was a rookie who hadn’t even debuted, so I felt awkward and had many concerns, but I was thankful that the fans loved me.”

Yves added, “There was pressure because it was the start of a new unit and I felt really anxious because the start of it was my solo album. I thought to myself that I should have confidence and work hard.”

Each of the members took turns describing their unique charms. Heejin chose her low voice and side profile, Kim Lip picked her 90-degree shoulder line and straight collarbone, and JinSoul said her jawline and long neck were her charming points.

ViVi chose her smile, Olivia Hye pointed out her sexiness, Chuu said her vibrant, energetic image was her strong point, and Yves picked her ability to showcase powerful charms on stage.

Go Won picked her unique voice, Choerry chose her positive energy, Haseul pointed out her voice which she said she hopes to use to heal peoples’ hearts, Yeojin said her cuteness as the youngest member, and Hyunjin named her goofiness.

LOONA 1/3 previously appeared on JTBC’s “MIXNINE.” Heejin shared her thoughts on this experience, saying, “While competing with many trainees and performing, I practiced fiercely during that process. It felt like I was a frog in a well who saw a bigger world.”

The girl group also named some of their role models. Kim Lip began, “I want to emulate good parts of singers who can perfectly sing and dance such as BoA and SHINee’s Taemin. I want to find my own color.” JinSoul said “My dream is to become an all-around entertainer like Suzy and [Girls’ Generation’s] Taeyeon, so I want to start by singing as an idol then work hard at various fields such as acting. I also want to become a singer who can promote with her own songs.”

Chuu stated, “IU has always been my role model. I want to become a singer who can make people feel comfortable and move them. I want to become a singer who can fill the stage with my voice.” Choerry revealed, “I want to be like Yoo Jae Suk. He has a famous, exemplary image. It’s my goal to become the ‘nation’s younger sister.'”

Yeojin added, “My mom was a Shinhwa Changjo [Shinhwa’s official fandom], so with the hope of LOONA becoming a long-lasting group, I chose Shinhwa as my role model.”

LOONA released their debut album “+ +” and MV for title track “Hi High” on August 20. Check out more photos of LOONA below!

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