Park Hae Mi Returns To Musical Following Husband’s Drunk Driving Incident

Park Hae Mi has announced her return to the musical “Oh! Carol.”

Last month, Park Hae Mi’s husband was involved and responsible for a deadly car accident. He drove a car into a 25-ton truck that was parked on the side of the road. As a result, two passengers died at the scene. Hwang Min, the other two passengers, and the driver of the truck sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital. Those who lost their lives were Park Hae Mi’s juniors.

Following news reports about the accident, Park Hae Mi suspended all activities.

On September 28, production company Show Media Group issued an official statement regarding Park Hae Mi’s decision about her musical activities.

Their statement reads as follows:

“Hello, we are the production company Show Media Group behind the musical ‘Oh! Carol.’

“On August 27, there was a situation in which actress Park Hae Mi, who had been appearing in the musical ‘Oh! Carol’ as the role of Esther, suspended all activities following her husband Hwang Min’s car accident. Not only did she feel morally responsible for the results of the accident regarding her precious juniors, but because the shock she felt was too great, the production company decided that we would wholeheartedly cooperate [with her] so she could recuperate mentally and recover control of her emotions.

“Following this, although there were changes in her fellow actors’ schedules and a large gap felt in Park Hae Mi’s absence, all of the actors and staff came to a mutual understanding and proceeded with the performances.

“Furthermore, as we carefully discussed and respected the actor’s decision on her future schedules and position, we have confirmed that [Park Hae Mi] will return to the musical ‘Oh! Carol’ as her role of Esther for the October 3rd performance.”

“Through the production company, Park Hae Mi stated, ‘Although I haven’t been able to take complete moral responsibility for those who were injured in the accident, I have definitely not forgotten about it, and will take total responsibility for it. I sincerely apologize once again. Also, although I have not finished clearing up other ordeals, I decided to stand on the stage again so that I wouldn’t be burdening those I love or any others, as I temporarily suspended my activities. I’ll definitely stand up again with the weight I have to endure, and I’m truly grateful to all of my fellow actors, staff, production staff, and audience for waiting amongst all the support.’

“Please encourage and support Park Hae Mi, who has began a new starting point. Thank you.”

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