6 Prank Moments That Made Us Stan Idols Even More

More often than not, idols get pranked by their staff, idol friends, or the cast of variety shows. Based on the intensity of the stunt, the latter is met with various reactions: laughter, astonishment, or even tears. However, there are certain scenarios where their responsible side is revealed, thus taking an unexpected turn of events.

Here are six sincere moments where idols were so genuine during pranks that they made us stan them even more!

1. When BTOB’s Changsub defended a fan from her aggressive boyfriend

As he was surrounded by a group of fans, Changsub stood up for one of them when her boyfriend pulled her from the crowd. Unaware of the whole set up, the idol fervently defended the fan and asked the man to back off all while remaining polite.

2. When GOT7’s Yugyeom offered to pay for damage he didn’t cause

In a playfully planned scenario during a photoshoot, the GOT7 members endlessly tried to make Yugyeom break a bottle of wine, but in vain. Deciding to take matters into their own hands, Jackson deliberately dropped the bottle and put the blame on Yugyeom while asking for the caused damage to be paid off. Dumbfounded, Yugyeom apologized and offered to cover half of the bottle’s expenses. (starting 3:42)

3. When HyunA sympathized with a homeless man

On top of her badass idol image, HyunA is a total sweetheart. During a campout, a homeless man approaching the site startled the artist at first. Soon after, she exchanged a friendly conversation with him, and when he fell shortly after leaving, the idol rushed to help him get up and carried his bag for him. But this isn’t the only act of kindness HyunA performed; watch the entire plot here!

4. When iKON’s B.I. protected a writer from a prying fan

Chivalry lives on with iKON’s leader! B.I. didn’t hesitate to step in when a heated argument escalated between the staff writer and a snooping fan who kept taking pictures of the idol despite being asked not to. After discreetly calling his manager, B.I. hid the writer behind his back to stop the angry fan from reaching her.

5. When DinDin shielded a woman from her older brother

Another brave fellow over here! As he witnessed a fight between two siblings, DinDin shielded the woman with his entire body to block the brother’s attempted physical attacks. Despite being smaller than the other man, the rapper did not hesitate once to protect the frightened lady from her infuriated brother and tried to reason with him midst the stormy situation.

6. When f(x)’s Amber volunteered to donate her blood to help a stranger

When in need, Amber is a friend indeed! Pranked by none other than her close friend Eric Nam, the thoughtful idol found herself in a situation where one of Eric’s friends got into an accident and needed a blood type B transfusion. As a bearer of said blood type B, she instantly offered to help and called her manager to let him know. It goes without saying that Amber is a kind soul!

Which righteous act warmed your heart the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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