Mad Clown Leaves Starship Entertainment And Thanks Agency In Heartwarming Post

Rapper Mad Clown has parted ways with Starship Entertainment.

On September 30, Starship Entertainment posted a photo of Mad Clown on Twitter with the caption, “Goodbye, Mad Clown! We were happy to have been able to be together with rapper Mad Clown, the pride of Starship Entertainment. You worked hard. Thank you.”

Mad Clown posted the same photo on Instagram and shared his thoughts on leaving the agency.

He wrote, “Hello. This is Mad Clown. It’s already been five years since I decided to join Starship, and the time has flown by. My contract with the agency has ended as of today. We talked a lot about the directions we each [hope to take in the future], and Starship has decided to cheer me on as I go my own way as an artist.

“When I think back to [where I was] five years ago, I think my relationship with Starship was truly a blessing, and the Mad Clown of today only exists because of the time I spent together [with the agency]. I especially learned a lot while working on my first single ‘Stupid in Love.’ My experience from that time was a huge asset to me as a mainstream singer.

“There are many agencies who do good work, but there aren’t many that also feel like a family at the same time. Right now, I, who have decided to go out on my own, feel like a 20-year-old college student who has just moved out of his family home. Starship is an agency that still feels like family to me.

“You worked really hard taking care of me for the past five years. I hope that I was also an artist who was able to give you something as well. Thank you so much for everything up until now!”

He then added the hashtags, “Starship,” “Mad Clown,” “good-bye,” and “family.”

We wish Mad Clown the best of luck in his future endeavors!

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