Update: Apink’s Jung Eun Ji Marvels At The Beauty Of Nature In New MV Teaser

Updated October 16 KST:

Jung Eun Ji’s latest teaser for her solo comeback is now out, this time giving fans a preview of the music video for her upcoming title track!

Updated October 12 KST:

Jung Eun Ji has released a new photo and final song preview for her comeback!

Updated October 11 KST:

Jung Eun Ji continues to tease her upcoming solo comeback with another photo and preview!

Updated October 10 KST:

Jung Eun Ji has shared another teaser photo and preview for her new mini album!

Updated October 9 KST:

Jung Eun Ji’s new teaser image and preview for her upcoming mini album are out now!

Updated October 8 KST:

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji revealed a new teaser image as well as a preview for another track on her solo mini album!

Updated October 6 KST:

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji has shared a third teaser image and preview for her return with a new mini album!

Updated October 5 KST:

Jung Eun Ji has shared teasers for the first two songs on her upcoming mini album!

Updated October 3 KST:

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji shared the track list for her new solo mini album!

Jung Eun Ji took part in the creation of all the songs on her new release, including the title track “What Do You Think?” (working title).

The mini album has eight tracks in total, including a song that popular indie artist Sunwoo Jung-a co-composed, as well as co-wrote the lyrics for along with Jung Eun Ji. One of the songs is titled “Secretary Kim,” which may be a nod to the recent hit drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” Jung Eun Ji wrote the lyrics for the track and co-composed it, after talking before about how she enjoyed watching the show.

Updated October 2 KST:

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji has released a schedule for her return with a new solo mini album!

With the mini album due out on October 17, a track list will be released on October 3 at midnight, followed by image teasers and Instagram track previews on October 4 to 6 and then October 8 to 12. Fans will be getting a commentary teaser on October 15, followed by a music video teaser on October 16.

Original Article: 

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji has finally announced a comeback date!

On October 1 at midnight KST, the singer dropped a teaser for her third solo mini album “Hyehwa” (literal title). Based on the characters used, “hyehwa” in this instance means “a flower twinkling with stars.”

The mini album is set to be released on October 17 at 6 p.m. KST, and it will be Jung Eun Ji’s first solo album in approximately a year and four months. It was previously revealed that she participated in writing and/or composing seven of the eight tracks in her album.

Ahead of the album, Jung Eun Ji will be holding her second solo concert “Hyehwa Station” on October 13-14.

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