13 Best Halloween Costume Ideas Based On K-Dramas And Movies

Halloween is right on the horizon! And if you’re one to celebrate this spooky occasion and are looking for a way to incorporate your obsession with K-dramas and movies into the special day, then look no further. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect character to dress up in!

1. Yona – “Kill Me Heal Me

With the pink blazer, white dress shirt, blue bow tie, blue pleated skirt, and pink bow, it’s a pretty easy and noticeable costume for those who are K-drama fans. 

If getting all of these items is a bit too much, you can also go for the onesie jumpsuit that Yona wore randomly throughout the series. You can also accessorize by carrying around a framed photo of her crush played by Park Seo Joon!

Check out Yona’s outfits in “Kill Me Heal Me” below:

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2. Ji Eun Tak – “Goblin

This costume is also an easy but adorable one. You can sport this costume by wearing a maroon colored hoody with a big red scarf and black backpack. To really add the icing on top of the cake, you can find yourself a small bouquet of flowers to signify the “buckwheat” scene from the series.

Check out Ji Eun Tak’s outfits in “Goblin” below:

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3. Son Oh Gong – “Hwayugi

If you’re looking for a more recent K-drama costume to sport, dressing up as Lee Seung Gi‘s character Son Oh Gong from “Hwayugi” is also a great idea. With a faux fur coat and red scarf, you’re guaranteed to snag Oh Gong’s look.

Check out Son Oh Gong’s looks in “Hwayugi” below:

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4. Wang Eun – “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo”

How can we forget the adorable Wang Eun played by Baekhyun? This one is an adorable costume idea and although it might take a bit of work to put it together, it’s totally worth it in my opinion! It can be as easy as dressing up in all blue and sporting a blue headband while carrying around the drawing of that cute emoticon.

Or if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious and can take the time to gather up some materials, this could also be an adorable idea!

5. Sung Shi Won – “Reply 1997

If you’re a K-pop fan, you’ll have no problems dressing up as Jung Eun Ji‘s character, Sung Shi Won from “Reply 1997.” She played a high school student who just couldn’t get enough of her K-pop idol oppas, H.O.T. Dressing up as Sung Shi Won would involve wearing a high school uniform with a hat, mittens, and some face paint. You also can’t forget the “I love oppa” sign!

If the high school uniform is a bit hard to get a hold of, you can always just wear a big white rain poncho like Sung Shi Won did when she attended the H.O.T concert. Don’t forget to put the H.O.T logo on the poncho!

Check out Sung Shi Won’s outfits in “Reply 1997” below:

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6. Kang Mo Yeon – “Descendants of the Sun

A popular K-drama that is an easy costume idea is Song Hye Kyo‘s character, Kang Mo Yeon from the popular drama, “Descendants of the Sun.” The particular costume would be when she helps aid the victims of the collapsed building. Her vest, working boots, and orange/red backpack is an easy get-up to celebrate Halloween!

If you’re looking for something super easy, you can always just wear a lab coat and have a Kang Mo Yeon nametag pinned onto your chest.

Check out Kang Mo Yeon’s looks in “Descendants of the Sun” below:

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7. Kim Bok Joo – “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This one would be a fun costume to wear, mainly because it’ll be super comfy! Kim Bok Joo’s (Lee Sung Kyung) get-up is both colorful and adorable. Add the icing on top of the cake by printing out a picture of her K-drama boyfriend, Jung Joon Young (Nam Joo Hyuk)!

Check out Kim Bok Joo’s outfits in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” below:

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8. Seo Jung Hoo – “Healer

Although this costume doesn’t technically look like a costume, if you’re a big Ji Chang Wook or “Healer” fan, you’ll appreciate it! It’s also super easy to put together as you pretty much have to wear all black and find some clear sunglasses or glasses to wear.

Check out Seo Jung Hoo’s looks in “Healer” below:

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9. Chul Soo – “A Werewolf Boy

This costume is another super easy one. It involves finding a blue flannel shirt and grabbing yourself a toothbrush. The particular costume involves the scene when Chul Soo (Song Joong Gi) is brushing his teeth with Park Bo Young‘s character, Soon Yi.

Check out Chul Soo’s outfits in “Werewolf Boy” below:

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10. “Along With The Gods”

“Along With The Gods” has a cast full of Halloween costume ideas. You can dress up as the charismatic Gang Rim (Ha Jung Woo), Kim Ja Hong the courageous fireman (Cha Tae Hyun), Hae Won Maek (Joo Ji Hoon), or the wise Duk Choon (Kim Hyang Gi). The fireman outfit would be a bit hard to put together, but the other costumes mostly just require long black coats. It’s also the perfect time of year as the sequel was released not too long ago!

11. Coffee ghost – “Master’s Sun

We can’t not mention THE Halloween K-drama, “Master’s Sun.” There’s obviously many scary a ghoulish characters you can choose to dress up as from this particular series, but the boy who kept following Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin) around and begging her for coffee was the best. His costume would just involve a white dress shirt (for his uniform) and a serious amount of face-paint.

Check out the coffee ghost in “Master’s Sun” below:

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12. Lee Joon Gi – “Welcome to Waikiki

If you’re able to find a werewolf mask, Lee Joon Gi (Lee Yi Kyung) dressing up as Wolverine in the rom-com, “Welcome to Waikiki” would be a hilarious costume. If you can also walk around with a wallet with his ID in it, it would be an added bonus. How funny was that scene when the police couldn’t recognize his face because of his costume? Perfect for the Halloween spirit!

13. Ryu Tae Oh – “Gap Dong

Lee Joon‘s portrayal as the psychopath, Ryu Tae Oh was epically horrific and bone-chillingly disturbing, which is obviously perfect for Halloween. You can dress up all in black and as long as you can find a red top hat and some black and white face-paint, you’ve got the perfect K-drama psychopath look!

Check out Ryu Tae Oh’s outfits in “Gap Dong” below:

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What are some other K-drama/K-movie Halloween costume ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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