Seo Hyo Rim And Park Yoon Jae Confirmed For Upcoming KBS Drama

Seo Hyo Rim and Park Yoon Jae have been confirmed for KBS1’s upcoming drama “Get Out of the Way, Fate” (literal translation).

“Get Out of the Way, Fate” is about Yang Nam Jin (played by Park Yoon Jae), a normal young man from the countryside who is not satisfied with his fate and boldly challenges it to pioneer his own road.

In the drama, Seo Hyo Rim will play Han Seung Joo, a fashion designer who breaks down the mold of the clichéd gold spoon (extremely wealthy) class. She’s a carefree woman who is so independent that she changes her major in university from piano to fashion design behind her father’s back.

Unlike her chic and luxurious exterior image, Seo Hyo Rim is expected to show off her overwhelming presence with an unstoppable, and unexpected, cool personality. She will also display her hip and trendy fashion sense as her character is a recognized designer even in New York.

Seo Hyo Rim will have a strong, impressionable first meeting with Park Yoon Jae, the other lead actor who has been cast as the main character Yang Nam Jin. They will become entangled in each other’s lives and have a bickering relationship full of chemistry.

Park Yoon Jae’s character Yang Nam Jin is a positive-minded man who lives with his single mother and runs a human resources office in a small fishing village outside of the city. Famous for fixing all kinds of things and even MCing someone’s 70th birthday party, he is also the town’s own local star. He’s a popular character who makes everyone happy.

Park Yoon Jae debuted in 2002 with the film “The Coast Guard” and also starred in works such as “Indomitable Daughters-in-Law,” “Your Lady,” and “Unknown Woman.”

The show will air following the broadcast of “Sunny Again Tomorrow” in early-November.

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