Watch: WJSN Wins 1st Ever Music Show Trophy On “The Show” With “Save Me, Save You,” Performances By DreamCatcher, LOONA, And More

WJSN (Cosmic Girls) has finally received their first ever music show trophy!

On the October 2 episode of “The Show,” WJSN’s “Save Me, Save You” was up against GWSN’s “Puzzle Moon” and DreamCatcher’s “What” for the win. WJSN came in first with a total score of 8,790 to GWSN’s 2,594 and DreamCatcher’s 2,587.

The WJSN members appeared shocked by the announcement, and thanked their fans, agency staff, parents, and more for the win. They also said that they miss their members Cheng Xiao, Xuan Yi, and Mei Qi who are not promoting during this comeback, and Eunseo said she wants to have a party to celebrate together with them.

Watch their performances and win below!

Other performances this week were by Berry Good, BLANC7, DreamCatcher, GWSN, HighSoul, Jei, Jung Dong Ha, Longguo (Kim Yong Guk), LOONA, LUCENTE, NewKidd, NOIR, S.I.S, Seo Ji An, CocoSori’s Sori, and UNI.T.

Check out many of the performances below!

Berry Good – “Mellow Mellow”

BLANC7 – “Drama”

DreamCatcher – “What”

GWSN – “Puzzle Moon”

HighSoul – “I Choose to Love You” (featuring KissN)

Jei – “If You Love Me”

Longguo – “Universe”

LOONA – “Hi High”

LUCENTE – “Your Difference”

NewKidd – “Shooting Star”

NOIR – “Airplane Mode”

S.I.S – “Say Yes”

Seo Ji An – “All My Days”

Sori – “Touch”

UNI.T – “I Mean”

Congratulations to WJSN!

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