Actor Jang Seung Jo, who appeared in “Familiar Wife” as Yoon Jong Hoo, recently gave some interviews in which he talked about his wife and whether he’d ever appear on family variety shows like “The Return of Superman.”

Jang Seung Jo said, “My wife found Cha Joo Hyuk [Ji Sung’s character in ‘Familiar Wife’] relatable. I wondered if I was really like that.”

He continued, “I’m not a multitasker. I was arguing with my wife while driving and I accidentally went the wrong way. My wife said at the time, ‘Seo Woo Jin [Han Ji Min’s character] scolds her husband because Cha Joo Hyuk is just like this.’ I was like, ‘Why are you bringing up Cha Joo Hyuk at a time like this?'”

Jang Seung Jo is married to Lina, a musical actress who was a part of the girl group CSJH before making a name for herself in musicals like “Jekyll and Hyde,” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “Monte Cristo,” and more. They welcomed their first child last month.

Jang Seung Jo said, “In the end, I’m grateful and living a happy life. I often tell her that I’m happy that she married me. I’m even more grateful now that we’ve had a baby. I’m just glad she’s by my side. My wife always says that I’m a good husband, but I’m lacking in a lot of ways. When I say stuff like this, I feel like I’m getting smaller, haha.”

About his new duties as father, he said, “It turns out being a parent is really hard. When I watched my wife give birth, I felt so much love and respect for her. My goal is to be a good father. Being a good husband and a good friend is also included in the definition of being family. I want my family to think I’m a good person.”

He added, “I was offered a chance to appear on a family variety show, but I don’t want to reveal my private life. I’m going to quietly do my work and quietly raise my child. My wife agrees with me, and in fact she was even more against the idea of doing a show like that.”

He also expressed his gratitude for the popularity of “Familiar Wife.” “I don’t know how long this interest will last, but it’s a great motivator. The only part that’s visible to me is that my Instagram follower count has gone up. It surprises me everyday.”

If you haven’t already, you can watch “Familiar Wife” below:

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