Seohyun Talks About Overcoming Difficult Situations While Filming

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun discussed her experiences from filming MBC’s “Time.”

When asked what she’s been up to since the drama ended, Seohyun said, “I think I got out of my character Seol Ji Hyun about three days ago. She was a character that was emotionally exhausting, so I was sick in bed for about a week after the finale. I think my body began aching after I relaxed.”

Seohyun was praised for her acting in “Time” and some said it was the “rediscovery” of the actress. “The thing about acting is, it’s fake, but it’s my job to portray it as something real,” she explained. “‘How can I portray something fake into something real every moment?’ This was my biggest task.”

She continued, “I was always regretful that I couldn’t pour all of my concentration into acting because I was balancing multiple promotions at the same time. I really wanted to do that. During this drama, I didn’t do anything else but focus on this one drama. I even matched my everyday life to the drama. I saw the synopsis and thought that it would be really difficult. It didn’t seem like something I could do with just an average amount of effort. So in order to communicate with Seol Ji Hyun, I wanted to have some time just to myself. During the drama, I lived apart from my parents.”

When asked about a moment that made her feel proud while filming, Seohyun said, “At the end of filming, the script basically came out on set. We were almost filming it live. There was a scene where I walked down the street and revealed the truth with a cell phone. It was the most important scene in the drama.”

She explained, “The script came out one hour before filming, and it was over eight pages long. It was completely different from the script from the previous day, so I felt overwhelmed. I wondered how I could do it. I also thought that if I didn’t do this well, then the drama could fail. There was a lot of psychological burden. When I successfully filmed it, I felt really proud. The director also thanked me. It was a risky situation.”

On overcoming many kinds of situations while filming this drama, Seohyun stated, “There were many reasons for my mentality to be shaken up inside and outside of the drama. Thankfully, my mentality became stronger. Now, I’m not scared of anything. I can’t help it. These kinds of situations can’t be avoided just because I want to avoid them. I think it was a good experience. I thank the people who watched the drama despite these kinds of situations.”

When asked why she chose to appear in “Time,” Seohyun answered, “When people think of the actress Seohyun, there’s a bigger shock when I pull off a role that people don’t expect rather than ones that match me well. So I wanted to challenge myself. I worked with director Jang Joon Ho on his previous drama ‘Bad Thief, Good Thief.’ It was his debut project and he contacted me first saying that he wanted to work on it together. I wanted to repay him for trusting me, so I wanted to do an even better job. This drama also had a big message. I sympathized with the message of how everyone has the same amount of time and lives different lives.”

On feeling pressure as the lead of a mini-series, Seohyun said, “I think there’s pressure no matter what kind of project I do. This character is created through me, so you have to feel responsible when expressing this character’s life. In this drama, it was difficult because this character’s life was painful. It was something I had never experienced, so it was really important to understand this character and become one with her.”

“Time” concluded on September 20. Check out the first episode below!

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