Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Talks Honestly About Why She’s A Homebody

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny talked about being a homebody, what she does at home, and more.

As one of its cast members, Sunny appeared on the October 5 episode of MBN’s “Realistic Men and Women 2” with the theme of this week’s episode being men and women who take on challenges.

Known for being a homebody, Sunny’s challenge was to leave her house more. She shared, “Leaving my house is such a hassle. I don’t really leave my house much. When homebodies leave their house alone, they get unnecessarily scared.” The idol continued, “I don’t really do much at home either. When I watch TV, lie down, and play with my cat Salt, time goes by quickly.”

Sunny commented, “It might be because I only worked since I was young, but I still haven’t found my own way of reenergizing myself. I only knew how to rest. There wasn’t even enough time for me to eat, sleep, and rest. Now, I have more time so I need to find ways to recharge, but I don’t know how.”

She then talked about how her Girls’ Generation activities affected her. Sunny remarked, “Since I promoted as a group with Girls’ Generation, I became more careful. My actions or image would become a part of my group’s image. Because I could influence the group’s image, I had to pay a lot of attention when I went outside.” She addressed Cao Liu, saying, “Since she’s also from a girl group, Cao Liu probably understands what I’m saying.” Cao Liu joked, “It’s okay. People don’t really know our group.”

Kwon Hyuk Soo, known for being one of Sunny’s closest friends, also made a surprise appearance. The two spent time together, and Sunny shared, “Even among people who like to spend their time outside, Kwon Hyuk Soo likes it the most. He really loves spending time outside, so much that he spends 365 days a year outside. He doesn’t really spend time at home.”

The comedian-actor commented, “My homebody friend Sunny is always at home. That’s why there’s really not much to say. Whenever I meet her, I go to her house. Or I tell her we should get drinks, and she’ll pretends like she doesn’t want to but comes out.” He added, “Maybe it’s because it’s been a while since I saw her outside of her house, but she feels unfamiliar. You shouldn’t always stay at home.”

The other cast members remarked, “Kwon Hyuk Soo seems nice. You guys seem like good friends,” to which Sunny replied, “He’s a friend whom I have zero interest in as a man. Kwon Hyuk Soo is a drinking buddy. He’s also best friends with my stylist so we’re close.”

“Realistic Men and Women 2” airs every Friday at 11 p.m. KST.

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