3 Reasons You Should Be Excited For New Mystery Drama “Ms Ma, Nemesis”

SBS’s new weekend special drama, “Ms Ma, Nemesis,” premieres on October 6!

The production staff of “Ms Ma, Nemesis” recently picked three reasons you should tune in to their new mystery drama this weekend:

Based on Agatha Christie

Not for nothing is Agatha Christie known as the Queen of Mystery. “Ms Ma, Nemesis” is loosely based on Christie’s popular character Ms. Marple, an elderly Englishwoman who takes everyone in her village by surprise with her detective skills. Unlike Christie’s famous Hercule Poirot, much of Ms. Marple’s mysteries have to do with the little human dramas in everyday life.

“Ms Ma, Nemesis” is being marketed as the first Korean adaptation of Agatha Christie’s work. Just like the original Ms. Marple stories, the drama aims to be relatable to its viewers by showing how mysteries expose human nature.

End of a 19-year hiatus

“Ms Ma, Nemesis” marks lead actress Kim Yoon Jin‘s return to the small screen after a hiatus of 19 years. Although she was active in Korean films and Hollywood dramas during that time, this is her first Korean drama production in a long while.

She is a respected actress not only in South Korea, where viewers are excited to see her new drama, but also overseas, having appeared in American TV shows like “Lost” and “Mistresses.”

Competition between lead actors

Kim Yoon Jin isn’t the only cast member with a great resumé – Jung Woong In is cast as her co-star. Since the titular Ms Ma is out to get revenge for the death of her daughter, she is at tension with the other characters in the story. Kim Yoon Jin and Jung Woong In both have great charisma as they play off each other. Rounding out the cast are Sung Ji Ru, Hwang Seok Jeong, Moon Hee Kyung, and B1A4’s CNU.

“Ms Ma, Nemesis” will be available on Viki. Check out the trailer here:

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