Lee Je Hoon And Chae Soo Bin Share A Tender Moment On “Where Stars Land”

SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Where Stars Land” has revealed intriguing new stills of Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin from its upcoming episode!

“Where Stars Land” tells the story of Lee Soo Yeon, a mysterious new elite employee at Incheon International Airport who harbors a special secret (played by Lee Je Hoon), and Han Yeo Reum, a clumsy but eager and hard-working employee who has been at the airport for one year (played by Chae Soo Bin). The two rookie employees will stir viewers’ emotions this autumn with their youthful romance reminiscent of a fairy tale.

The newly released stills from the upcoming episode offer a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-legendary “latte scene,” in which Lee Soo Yeon and Han Yeo Reum share a sweet, slightly awkward moment in the employee lounge. In the photos, Lee Soo Yeon is handing Han Yeo Reum a latte that he made for her when Han Yeo Reum suddenly grabs his hand and examines it carefully.

The stills show Lee Soo Yeon freezing at the sudden and unexpected physical contact, while Han Yeo Reum obliviously strokes his hand with a genuinely concerned expression.

While filming the scene, Lee Je Hoon reportedly expressed his character’s surprise in an incredibly realistic manner, opening his eyes wide while acting as though he were trying to remain calm. Chae Soo Bin also enriched the scene with her natural acting as her character finally sensed the awkwardness of the situation and began to feel embarrassed about what she had just done.


On last week’s premiere of “Where Stars Land,” Lee Soo Yeon and Han Yeo Reum met as junior and senior colleagues on the airport passenger service team. Although there were initially some conflicts and misunderstandings between the two, they eventually reconciled and began to develop special feelings for each other. Lee Soo Yeon repeatedly protected Han Yeo Reum when she stumbled into dangerous situations at the airport, and he also confided in her about his inability to feel pain in his right hand. Additionally, the drama revealed that the two characters had previously met in a fateful car accident in the past.

A source from the production team stated, “After last week’s broadcast, in which Lee Soo Yeon shared his personal secret with Han Yeo Reum, the two characters will show even more exciting chemistry with each other in this week’s episodes. Please look forward to the true start of the two airport rookie employees’ romance that will make your heart flutter.”

“Where Stars Land,” which airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST, is available exclusively on Viki. Check out the latest episode below!

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