Simon Dominic Apologizes For His Rant On Instagram Live

Rapper Simon Dominic apologized for his sudden rant during an Instagram live broadcast he held on October 9 with DJ Wegun.

Simon Dominic, who was on air while in his car with DJ Wegun, promoted Wegun’s music, and when viewers of his broadcast criticized his actions as “networking hip hop,” Simon Dominic responded with a torrent of criticism right back, peppered with profanity.

He said, “Good people got together to make music; you can’t spew bull**** about it being networking hip hop. ****ing, you think [DJ Wegun] doesn’t have connections? He’s been doing this for over 10 years, under Soul Company. F***, this is ****ing stressful trying not say anything. DJ Wegun is ****ing good. And he produced an album. You can’t ****ing call that networking hip hop. Don’t say that ****shit, it’s ****ing annoying. Just listen. If you don’t want to hear it, then don’t listen. F***, they’re just listening holed up in their ****ing rooms. They must see musicians as pieces of ****. F***, do they think making music is ****ing easy? If you don’t want to listen, ****ing don’t. It’s not your place to judge the fact that we’re making music.”

The response from Korean netizens has been split, some saying that Simon Dominic had plenty reason to be angry, the viewer comments went too far, and that social media is a personal space, while others think the level profanity was too much, and that while they understand he was mad, he shouldn’t have said what he did.

Later, Simon Dominic apologized on his Instagram:

“Hello, this is Simon Dominic. I apologize for making everyone uncomfortable during last night’s Instagram live with inappropriate language and profanity. There are no excuses, and it’s my mistake. I sincerely apologize to those who were disappointed with my thoughtless words and actions.

“Thank you to all of the criticisms and words of concern. With this, I’ll reflect on my actions and work toward more thoughtful speech and more mature actions.

“Thank you.”

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