Watch: Weki Meki Covers Dances By BTS, Sunmi, f(x), Oh My Girl, And More On “Idol Room”

Weki Meki’s appearance on this week’s broadcast of JTBC’s “Idol Room” was a bona fide dance party.

Right off the bat, the group loosened up with dances, each individual member dancing to a song of their own choice:

Introducing their new song “Crush,” the group successfully completed the show’s signature Nano Dance challenge, doing a relay of the song’s “killing part,” or most memorable moment.

Weki Meki, known for being incredibly in-sync with their choreo, also put their teamwork to the test in Idol Room’s Line Dance challenge, in which they have to dance in a straight line so that only the person at the front is visible. The MCs said that the challenge is quite difficult, and that the only group to do it near perfectly so far is GFRIEND.

After seeing Weki Meki’s near perfect attempt with “La La La,” the MCs were so impressed that Jung Hyung Don exclaimed, “It seems like you only practiced this song,” and asked the group to do the challenge again with “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend.”

Watch the group’s Nano Dance and Line Dance challenges:

Weki Meki has done many cover dances, with Choi Yoojung especially being a dance cover machine. When asked how many cover dances she has in her repertoire, she guessed that she probably has over 20 in total. The group prepared a relay of cover dances for “Idol Room,” some done as solo dances and some as a group.

Watch Weki Meki cover Sunmi’s “Siren,” Oh My Girl’s “Cupid,” BTS’s “IDOL” and “Mic Drop,” and f(x)’s “Hot Summer”:

The dance party continued with Weki Meki on “Idol Room,” with a hilarious freestyle dance battle. The group was divided into two teams, and when a K-pop song came on, one member had to dance to the song — without using anything that looks like the original choreography — and then choose an opponent from the opposing team. Needless to say, belly laughs abounded:

This episode of “Idol Room” aired on October 9 at 6:20 p.m. KST.

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