Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Shares Candid Thoughts On Dating Publicly And Marriage

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun discussed her realistic outlook on romance.

Following the end of her most recent drama “Time,” Seohyun sat down for interviews with the press.

When asked about her thoughts on dating, Seohyun expressed, “I don’t think dating publicly is good given my profession. I feel like it could be distracting for a production since people immersively watch actors when they’re acting. I would not give up my happiness, but I do feel a sense of responsibility. She laughed while adding, “To be honest, I feel lonely every day.”

“There are times when I feel lonely, but love isn’t the most important thing in my life. I’m leaving it up to the ways of nature, for things to happen naturally, and am not trying to purposely do anything about it,” the singer-actor clarified.

Seohyun has never been caught up in serious dating rumors throughout her career. While work still comes first for her, Seohyun’s thoughts on dating understandably changed over the years.

She commented, “Work used to take up 99 percent in importance, but the older I get, I feel that it’s not good to live my life only clinging to work. Because my friends and family also are a part of my life. I don’t think it’s good to solely focus on one thing.”

While she has reservations about dating publicly, Seohyun feels a little differently about marriage.

“If I were to marry, I wouldn’t deny the fact I was in a relationship,” Seohyun revealed. “I want to get married when I am 35, 36 years old. If I don’t consider children, then 38 years old. I want to marry as late as possible, after I have achieved my dreams and did things I want to do.”

As for her ideal wedding or marriage, Seohyun explained, “I don’t have any fantasies regarding marriage. I do feel that I probably should marry given the responsibility I have as an only child. Right now, I don’t have any big fantasies.”

Check out Seohyun in “Time” below!

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