8 C-Drama Couples With Amazing Chemistry On And Off Screen

Sometimes it does the heart good to know that your favorite on-screen couples get along in real life. Does it make a difference in their acting? Maybe, maybe not – who knows? It’s probably not too much of a difference if they are talented and professional. But there’s just something extra gratifying about knowing that these characters – the ones you’ve spent many a tear-filled hour or nail-biting session with – are played by actors who are truly friends. Plus, it’s super fun to see what goes on in between takes when cameras aren’t rolling!

If any of this sounds relatable, this list is definitely for you! Keep reading to see eight of our favorite Chinese drama couples with solid chemistry that flows even after the cameras stop rolling.

“Only Side By Side With You” – Shi Yue and Nan Qiao

What better way to get us started than with William Chan and Bai Bai He, who bring the heat as the leading couple of the 2018 drama, “Only Side By Side With You“? William Chan plays Shi Yue, a club owner whose dark past is hidden behind his devil-may-care demeanor. Opposite him is Bai Bai He as Nan Qiao, a no-nonsense company owner who has been hurt in love and holds a hidden connection to Shi Yue’s past. The two wowed audiences all over the world with their completely magnetic chemistry that remained constant through moments of tender playfulness, weighty vulnerability, and sizzling scenarios that could turn up a room’s temperature.

And the cuteness doesn’t stop on screen! Check out the behind-the-scenes segment below to watch William Chan stumble as he tries to carry Bai Bai He in one of the drama’s somber moments. As soon as he falters, the two immediately burst out laughing, obviously totally at ease with each other. Their dynamic is something that definitely translates to their on-screen chemistry!

Catch these two in episode 1 of “Only Side By Side With You”!

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Bloody Romance” – Qi Xue and Chang An

Easily one of my favorite couples on the list is Qi Xue (Li Yi Tong) and Chang An (Qu Chu Xiao) in the 2018 drama, “Bloody Romance.” Qi Xue is a young woman whose rough start in life causes her to distrust those around her. The only person she fully opens up to is her servant and friend, Chang An, a quiet and loyal young man who would do anything for her…but he harbors a deep secret. As the two become embroiled in the conflicts of those around them, their friendship and love for one another is ruthlessly tested by the powers that be.

These two are too cute off screen as well as on! Watch them in the behind-the-scenes video below as they film a horse-riding scene with a piece of equipment instead of a real horse. While the cameras are rolling, they’re as professional and serious as can be – but as soon as they finish, the two can’t help but giggle and make faces at each other.

Check out these two in episode 1 of “Bloody Romance”!

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“Love Me If You Dare” – Simon Bo and Jenny Jian

Next up is Wallace Huo and Sandra Ma in the 2015 drama, “Love Me If You Dare.” Wallace Huo plays Simon Bo, a talented criminal psychologist who helps the police solve especially disturbing cases by getting into the minds of violent criminals. His assistant is Jenny Jian (Sandra Ma), whose sorrowful past enforces her intolerance of injustice. As the two solve case after case, they begin opening up to each other emotionally, and the close bond they share grows stronger.

Their strong connection isn’t limited to the screen, though! Check out these adorable behind-the-scenes moments, specifically one in which the two rehearse a kiss scene. As Wallace Huo goes in for the smooch, Sandra Ma begins giggling, and the two share a laugh. They have a lot of heavy and emotional scenes together, so it’s fun to see the lighter friendship that exists behind the camera lens!

Watch more of these two in episode 1 of “Love Me If You Dare”!

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Legend Of Fuyao” – Meng Fuyao and Zhangsun Wuji

Hardly a surprising addition to our list is Yang Mi and Ethan Juan as the leading couple of the 2018 hit drama, “Legend Of Fuyao.” Yang Mi plays Fuyao, a spunky young martial artist who rises from a low social class and embarks on a life-changing journey across the Five Kingdoms. Accompanying her is Crown Prince Zhangsun Wuji (Ethan Juan), a skilled fighter who’s as cheeky as he is loyal. These two stole viewers’ hearts with their steamy romantic scenes as well as the clever on-screen banter.

Even though their chemistry on-screen is always in sync, apparently off-screen is sometimes a different story. Check out the hilarious behind-the-scenes footage that was taken during an urgent scene between the two where they just couldn’t get the timing right. Laughing it off, the two cutie pies prove that even pros have their off days. One thing’s for sure – the playful banter between them definitely isn’t limited to filming!

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A Love So Beautiful” – Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen

No list about couples’ chemistry would be complete without this precious duo from the 2017 drama, “A Love So Beautiful.” Xiao Xi (Shen Yue) and Jiang Chen (Hu Yi Tian) are high school classmates and neighbors who have known each other all their lives. She is bright and happy-go-lucky, while he – though well-liked and popular – tends to be quiet and cynical. Not only did viewers fall in love with the unusual and relatable young couple, but we adored watching them grow up together from teenagers to adults as the drama spans numerous years of their lives.

Watch these two warm up before their first kissing scene by playing a hand-clapping game! After several takes, Hu Yi Tian, who is 188 centimeters (approximately 6’2″) tall, jokingly groans that his back can’t take bending down anymore (to kiss the very petite Shen Yue). As they tease each other throughout the clip, viewers get a glimpse of their playful yet genuine friendship. If you thought they were adorable onscreen, wait until you see how they act when cameras aren’t rolling.

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Ashes Of Love” – Jin Mi and Xu Feng

Yang Zi and Deng Lun star together as leading couple Jin Mi and Xu Feng in “Ashes of Love” – and viewers seriously could not get enough! Yang Zi plays kindhearted Jin Mi, whose naiveté comes largely from a magic pill she was given as a child in order to keep her from experiencing romantic love. Deng Lun had audiences swooning as Xu Feng, the Fire Deity and the Heavenly Emperor’s second son. The two fall for each other, but not without a fight – and their friendship-turned-romance had audiences gushing.

Watch how the two leads behave with each other (and other cast members) in the behind-the-scenes footage below. Deng Lun and Yang Zi share a little on their experience, and viewers are granted a sneak-peek into what goes on in between takes – which is mostly a lot of laughing and encouraging smiles as they build each other up through long hours of filming.

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The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love” – Pi Pi and Jing Ting

Johnny Huang and Victoria Song star as the leading couple in “The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love.” Victoria plays Pi Pi, an ambitious young newspaper intern while Johnny plays Jing Ting, a man shrouded in mystery, the least of which is his exclusive diet of flowers. As Pi Pi slowly unravels the truth of who Jing Ting is – and who she is – she realizes the connection they share surpasses anything she could have imagined. Although reviews for the drama as a whole are mixed, the intensity these two share on-screen is fantastic, and their chemistry is undeniable. Get you a man who looks at you the way Johnny Huang looks at Victoria, am I right?

Though the above screenshots were after quite a serious moment in the drama, there were definitely fun and games to be had off screen. Check out the behind-the-scenes video below to watch as the two share a laugh after an awkward filming moment. It’s adorable to see their real-life friendship as they joke around in between takes!

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The Eternal Love” – Tan Er and Lian Cheng

Wrapping up our list is Liang Jie and Xing Zhao Lin, who respectively play Qu Tan Er and Mo Lian Cheng in the 2017 drama, “The Eternal Love.” The two start off in an arranged marriage which grows increasingly complicated as a body swap and some time travel is thrown in the mix. (Not to mention a love triangle that is technically a love square, but for our purposes we’ll leave it at that.) Liang Jie and Xing Zhao Lin caught viewers’ attention in a major way as their electric chemistry brings the couple through every scenario their world throws at them.

Apparently their friendship only grew stronger as time passed! With “The Eternal Love 2,” behind-the-scenes footage shows the two laughing together in between takes. It’s awesome to see them both returning to the project and only serves to excite viewers even more as we catch a glimpse of what to expect in the coming drama – as well as watch two of our favorite leads interact off-camera!

Watch more of these two in episode 1 of “The Eternal Love”!

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