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iKON appeared on the October 10 broadcast of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” and succeeded in the random play dance challenge for the first time.

The group started off with the roller coaster dance challenge for their new song, “Goodbye Road.” B.I said, “We really have to succeed.” Yunhyeong added that he thinks there’s no way they’re going to, and Donghyuk said, “Every time we come to ‘Weekly Idol,’ we mess up our choreography so much.”

Watch iKON’s “Goodbye Road” roller coaster dance:

Before doing the random play dance, B.I said, “We’ve never succeeded the random play dance challenge before. We recently did a concert, so we might be even more confused.”

After making a mistake on the second song, the group began their second attempt. The second attempt was also a bust, with the group being stopped once again on the second song.

The third attempt was, again, a struggle, and Donghyuk said, “Why can’t we ever dance when we come on ‘Weekly Idol’?” On their fourth and final try, the iKON members purposefully danced to block the hosts’ view of the other members and made it through to the end for the first time in the history of their “Weekly Idol” appearances.

Later, the hosts brought up Jinhwan’s “American” dance from “The King of Mask Singer.” When Kim Shin Young said it was a surprise because Jinhwan seems soft and charismatic, Bobby shook his head and explained, “A lot of people seem to have the wrong idea about Jinhwan. He’s not charismatic. He’s just rough.”

Jinhwan and Donghyuk then did a battle of sexy dances, with Jinhwan supposed to do a spring-summer version of the sexy dance and Donghyuk a fall-winter version.

In another battle to find the “sexy king” of the group, Jinhwan, Junhoe, and Donghyuk each did a sexy rendition of the cute aegyo song that Oh My Girl’s Hyojung did on a previous episode of “Weekly Idol.”

Watch the sexy aegyo song battle below:

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