Rhymer Talks About Debuting Brand New Boys Next Year + Plans For Wanna One’s Lee Dae Hwi And Park Woo Jin

In an interview with Star News on October 10, Brand New Music CEO Rhymer talked about the agency and big plans for his artists next year, including a Brand New Boys debut!

One of the biggest things that sets Brand New Music apart from other agencies, says Rhymer, is that all of the artists have very different characters. “We have production talents for ballads, boy groups, hip hop, and RnB. Our artists are all motivated by each other and constantly growing.”

He said, “If you look at our current activities, our income is mostly from the artists that are a part of Brand New Boys. It could seem that, as a result, the value of the company would revolve around them and that the veteran artists would become outsiders, but I want to stress that I’m always thinking about how to make it so that all of our artists are co-existing in a fair way. I think that, rather than focusing on a particular type of content, it’s important to make an agency where the artists, from the veterans to the newer generations, are [given equal opportunities]. People around me have commented that Brand New Music will probably only create idol groups from now on, but that’s not what I want to do at all.”

Brand New Music is looking forward to a lot of artist activity next year, including the official debut of Brand New Boys.

On why he started the Brand New Boys project, Rhymer said, “First of all, there wasn’t any sudden demand for us to create an idol group. Even while sticking to the hip hop and RnB style myself, I had also been doing producing work for idols. Eventually, we learned about what goes into creating a group, and I thought a lot about creating our own team with the knowledge we had gained.”

He added, “I don’t want to separate [Brand New Boys] from the other artists just because they’re a boy group. It’s simply that the format by which they are presented is different. I wanted to make a group that brought their own music to the world. Looking at the idols that I’ve helped produce over the years, like Block B, SEVENTEEN, and Brand New Boys, they’re all making their own music. I think the start of all that was Block B, and before that, BIGBANG. I had trust in Zico’s ability, I had trust in Woozi’s ability, and I also trust in all of Brand New Boys and their talent.”

Rhymer said he thinks he’s shown the potential and the strengths of a male duo in the current music market with MXM. “It’s important that there are individual fan bases in a boy group, and from that standpoint, the duo format could be lacking, but I think [Kim Dong Hyun and Lim Young Min] were able to show great chemistry and really appeal to the public.” He added, “MXM had a busy schedule for the entire year, the biggest thing I wanted for them was musical growth. What I want is for them to mature and grow so that they can truly have control over their own music.”

Speaking on MXM’s future activities, the Brand New Music CEO said that the duo will be busy through the end of the year with their solo concert and scheduled activities overseas. “We’re working hard to fit in one more promotional cycle before the end of the year, whether it’s an album or a single. On top of that, they’re very busy with preparations for full group activities with Brand New Boys next year. This is something fans have waited for a long time, so we’re putting our all into that.”

Rhymer is continuing to discuss what the future holds with Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin, who are currently promoting with Wanna One. “What’s important is not the format of their activities, but that it will be a format such that the two will be able to show strengths and charms that we were not able to see in Wanna One. There were a lot of members in Wanna One, so it wasn’t enough for them to really show what they’re capable of. They’ll be promoting in a way that’ll [put all their hidden strengths on display.]”

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