Representatives from Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 777” have shared their official statement regarding rapper D.Ark following his controversy.

The production staff stated that in light of the controversy and after much discussion, they will be editing footage of D.Ark and reduce his screen time, in order to properly convey the efforts and results of the other rappers and producers, rather than completely omitting his footage.

Previously on October 5, “A” shared on her social media that she had been a certain rapper’s girlfriend and explained, “He forcefully demanded physical contact and sexual relations. I refused, but we had sex. Afterwards, his attitude changed and we broke up.” Afterwards, along with photos shared by “A,” it was guessed that the rapper in question was D.Ark.

After the controversy spread, “A” clarified, “I expressed that it was coercive, but I admit that we had sexual relations after we were in a relationship. I did not [share this] intending to make accusations of sexual assault or the ‘Me Too’ movement.” However, criticism continued as the rapper is 15 years old.

Read the full statement below:

“This is Mnet’s official statement regarding footage of rapper D.Ark, who is participating in ‘Show Me the Money 777.’ On October 12, episode 6 of the show will air team battles which were filmed in September, as well as the official first round performances, which concluded filming on October 3.

“There have been many concerns about D.Ark continuing to appear on broadcast due to the growing controversy since October 6. Internally, the participants’ footage was discussed with a variety of opinions, including not airing any of the footage.

“However, after reviewing the fact that filming for a series of performances has concluded, we have decided that if D.Ark’s footage were completely omitted, this could distort and devalue the skills, wins, and losses of the rappers, who have done their best.

“Therefore, the production staff has decided to only air footage of D.Ark necessary to properly convey the rappers and producers’ just efforts, and will be editing the footage so that only the minimum will be aired.

“‘Show Me the Money 777′ will work to listen to viewers’ opinions, and to create a survival program where skilled rappers can fairly compete. Thank you.”

“Show Me the Money 777” airs every Friday at 11 p.m. KST.

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