Girl's Day's Sojin Makes Everyone Laugh By Not Knowing Popular TWICE And BTS Songs

Everyone had a great laugh thanks to Girl’s Day’s Sojin on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday.”

On October 13, Girl’s Day members Sojin and Yura appeared as guests to help the cast members guess the lyrics to songs.

The first song of the night was BTS’s “Fake Love.” When host Boom asked if he remembered this song, SHINee’s Key replied, “Of course I do. This song got No. 1 and we didn’t.” After Boom quickly apologized, Key added, “The juniors should now be [getting No. 1].”

Boom then asked Sojin, “You’ve listened to ‘Fake Love’ in the car, right?” Sojin hesitated, and Yura interjected, “Don’t lie. You don’t even know ‘shy shy shy’ [from TWICE’s ‘Cheer Up’].”

Yura continued, “When fans asked her to sing ‘shy shy shy,’ she said, “Shots shots shots shots shots.'” They then showed a clip from a V Live broadcast when a fan asked her to do this and she sang LMFAO’s “Shots” instead, making the Girl’s Day members burst into laughter. Sojin commented, “That’s a famous song too!”

Boom then revealed that Sojin wrote something down on her virtual notepad as soon as he had announced the title of the song. They showed her notepad on the screen where Sojin had written the words, “Fan club,” mistaking that as the title of the song.

Getting up, Hyeri shouted, “We’re doomed today!” while Key laughed on the floor. When Yura explained to Sojin, “It’s ‘Fake Love,’ the opposite of ‘True Love,’ Sojin hid her face in embarrassment.

“Amazing Saturday” airs on Saturdays at 7:40 p.m. KST.

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