UNB And UNI.T Donate Clothes From Advertisement For Happy Bean Project

UNB and UNI.T participated in the Happy Bean Project by donating clothes from their first advertisement.

Happy Bean, which is operated jointly by Naver Corporation and the Happy Bean Foundation, is Korea’s first online donation portal that acts as a bridge between Internet users who wishes to participate in donation activities and organizations in need of help.

On Happy Bean’s website, the two groups created from “The Unit” talked about their meaningful donation, saying, “An idol is the most wanted occupation among Korean teenagers. We were happy to debut, but we came across a harsh reality. We and other unknown idols often earn a living by part-time work due to the long break or face a wall of reality where recognition is less than that of new idols.”

They continued, “We couldn’t give up drawing our dreams like this. We wanted to give hope to our loving family and fans who have sent us small but big love, so we recently appeared on the idol rebooting program ‘The Unit.’ Because we knew what desperation was, we did our best, and the results were that we became idol groups with the name UNB and UNI.T. Although we had a lot of difficulties before becoming final members and were sometimes criticized coldly, we never gave up our dreams after practicing for 150 days.”

On their donation, they explained, “Recently, we filmed a Burger King advertisement. We were nervous because this was our first advertisement ever, but we thought it was a special experience and enjoyed filming it. After filming, we donated the clothes we wore for the advertisement to Happy Bean Good Action. We wanted to slowly share what we could do from our current positions, and we hope it will help children who have musical talent but can’t dream in difficult circumstances.”

“Now it’s time for us to do good actions. There are many children around us who have dreams and musical talent, but because of a lack of opportunity, they give up their dreams. Music is a great tool for communicating positive effects to the vulnerable, and it is a great opportunity to restore self-esteem. Please do good actions with us for the children who are like us,” they concluded.

The clothes donated by UNB and UNI.T will be given out to random winners of those who donate through Happy Bean in support of children who cannot afford music lessons.

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