Watch: Golden Child Whisks Fans Off To A World Of Magic In New “Genie” MV Teaser

Updated October 22 KST:

Golden Child has unveiled a whimsical new teaser for their upcoming music video for “Genie”!

Check out the cute new clip below:

Updated October 21 KST:

Golden Child has revealed a sneak peek of their colorful music video for their upcoming title track “Genie”!

Check it out below:

Updated October 20 KST:

Golden Child has shared their second full set of individual photos for the mini album “Wish”!

Updated October 19 KST:

Golden Child has released another set of individual trailer movies for their return with “Wish”! Members Jangjun, Tag, Joochan, Bomin, and Donghyun star in this batch of videos.

Updated October 18 KST:

Golden Child’s first trailer videos for their comeback are now out — including members Jaehyun, Jibeom, Daeyeol, Y, and Seungmin!

Updated October 17 KST:

Golden Child has shared individual concept photos for their return with the mini album “Wish”!

Updated October 16 KST:

Golden Child has released a preview of their new songs!

The group will be coming back on October 24 with their third mini album “Wish,” which will include the title track “Genie.”

Get a listen to clips of their tracks below!

Original Article: 

Golden Child has released a comeback teaser!

On October 15 at midnight KST, Woollim Entertainment released a video announcing that Golden Child would be making a comeback later this month.

The video features the ten members wandering around the city, interspersed with vintage-style black-and-white footage. At the end, their comeback date is revealed to be October 24.

Golden Child debuted in 2017 and their last comeback was with “Goldenness” in July. Check out the teaser below!

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