Easy Beauty Tips And Tricks From “Get It Beauty”

“Get It Beauty” is one of South Korea’s most OG beauty-related shows. First aired in 2006, “Get It Beauty” has amassed a large following of women who keep up with the program in hopes of learning new tips about everything K-beauty! You’re bound to learn something new with every episode, and with them having multiple seasons to date, it’s nearly impossible to list everything they’ve taught us, so here are just six awesome beauty tips from this beauty bible program.

Use compacts with metal plates for a cake-free face

It doesn’t matter whether you like the heat or not, because high temperatures will (and I emphasize ‘will’ here) melt the makeup off your face. And more often than not, the weather will cake you right up. But don’t fret, because here’s a fool-proof way to look smooth and flawless even when your friends are busy touching up and dabbing away excess oil.

It’s better to go for a lighter base when it comes to battling hotter days, which is where cushion foundation comes in! Here’s the most important part: look out specifically for those that come with metal plates. Your base makeup gets cakey due to heat, so the metal plates give off a cooling effect when applying your foundation, helping seal in that moisture. Bonus: it also feels really, really good on your skin!

Apply concealer first

Everyone knows the usual makeup regimen: primer, foundation, concealer, setting spray/powder. But what some may not know is that a simple swap between two of the steps will leave you with a smooth base that isn’t thick at all! All you have to do is apply concealer before foundation. This tip is also perfect for those who like to be quick, quick, quick, because this speeds up the process.

Want lovely eyebrows?

Drawing on your eyebrows too thick is a mistake many girls make, so don’t worry if you’re one of them! As Koreans are all about that innocent and lovely look on girls, having too-drawn-on eyebrows will only get you further and further away from looking like your favorite K-drama character.

If you want natural, fluffy eyebrows, try this: find a shadow color that matches your hair and use a big brush (around the size of a blending brush) to fill the gaps in your eyebrow where hair is lacking. Simply color in the empty parts of your eyebrows and you’re done! If you have really thin eyebrows, you can lightly stencil out the shape using an eyebrow pencil before coloring it in.

This creates a much lighter and natural makeup look that fits in with the whole ‘innocent and lovely’ image. Of course, it’s all a matter of preference, because hey, sharp and defined eyebrows are pretty awesome as well (on fleek, anyone?).

The ‘transparent makeup’ style eyeliner (that anyone can do)

As stated on the show, “Koreans like transparent makeup.” Essentially referring to a makeup style that’s more light and natural, Koreans like to do the same with their eyeliner too! And lucky for us, it’s a lot easier than attempting to perfect the art of winged eyeliner.

Using a pencil, bridge the gaps in your lash line before extending the line out, following your natural eye shape. Basically what you’re looking to achieve is a shadow at the ‘tail,’ or end, of your eye. The makeup artist uses quick and gentle motions to do this.

Though it’s subtle, it still manages to accentuate the eyes and brighten them up as well.

Lather it up, baby

Cleansing is the most important part of any skincare regimen as it removes the buildup of impurities in your skin. For a deep and proper cleanse, spend a couple extra dollars on a foaming mesh. Not every cleansing product will cleanse deep inside your pores, so having this tool will help you to thoroughly remove impurities beyond the surface of your skin.

You can use your existing cleanser with the foaming mesh for a better cleanse, and since it’s so cheap, you really have no excuse to not get one! This tip has been continuously shown and talked about on “Get It Beauty” across the years, so you know it’s a big deal.

Toner/Ampoule mask

I’m sure a few of you have heard of this tip before, especially since so many idols are fond of doing this as well. It’s essentially a DIY mask that helps combat sensitivity and redness, so if you’re one of the many who struggle with these issues, read on!

Grab a couple of cotton pads and soak them with your toner for a quick DIY mask session. This is ideal for times when you’ve run out of mask sheets or when your skin is in need of some urgent care. Not only does this soothe any redness on the skin, but it’ll leave you perfectly quenched as well!

Take it to the next step with how Kim Ji Won does it! Instead of toner, she uses ampoule instead, which of course will have a greater effect as ampoules have higher concentrations of ingredients. She calls it her SOS pack for the perfect UV barrier. For the added cooling and calming effect, she places the ampoule-soaked cotton pads into the fridge for about 10 minutes before putting them on.

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