7 Times Lee Je Hoon Made Us Swoon In Episodes 9-12 Of

The romance in “Where Stars Land” is picking up the pace, which we’re totally thankful for. Mainly because we can see Lee Je Hoon be the sweet, romantic male lead that we were all anticipating him to be in this series! Here’s a look at seven moments from this past week’s episodes that totally slayed us all and had us wanting more!

1. “Do you want me to stay by your side? That’s what I’m asking you…”

This is a monumental moment where Lee Soo Yeon basically tells Han Yeo Reum (Chae Soo Bin) that he’s smitten with her. I love how straightforward his character is and that he isn’t beating around the bush with his feelings.

2. When Lee Soo Yeon breaks the rules to help Yeo Reum’s mom

The rule-following employee Lee Soo Yeon totally breaks out of character and goes against orders to help Yeo Reum’s mom who is hurt on the plane. He knows how worried Yeo Reum is and goes out of his way, putting his secret and job on the line in order to help her.

3. This confession scene:

The rain, the umbrella, the straight-up confession – all of it is perfect in this scene. The simple response from Soo Yeon was surprising as I wasn’t expecting him to that upfront and honest, but I’m totally here for it. It’s so romantic!

4. How excited Soo Yeon was to go to work the next day

After he confesses and lets his feelings known to Yeo Reum, he gets adorably excited to go to work the next day.

Look at how happy he is to work and see Yeo Reum:

5. “It could take a person 3 weeks, 3 years, or 3 seconds to start liking someone.”

At the start of the series, I wasn’t too sure what type of character Lee Soo Yeon was, but as the series progresses, he’s totally winning me over. I’m loving how much he wears his heart on his sleeve. When he is asked by Yeo Reum how he can like her after having only met her, his response is gold. It totally makes this series worth the watch.

6. This question:

7. Finding out that Soo Yeon fell in love with Yeo Reum in 3 seconds

We find out that Soo Yeon actually met Yeo Reum way before Yeo Reum had thought. This Soo Yeon is far more romantic than we could have ever imagined. He had indeed fallen in love with Yeo Reum at first sight a year before. Everything about this particular scene is perfect, especially with the music, the cinematography, and the mystery of who Yeo Reum’s father is.

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