Kim Yoo Jung Talks About Managing Stress And Her Upcoming Drama

The November issue of Cosmopolitan features a photo shoot and interview with Kim Yoo Jung. She will return to the small screens after two years since the finale of “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” with her upcoming drama “Clean with Passion for Now” (literal translation). Previously in February, Kim Yoo Jung suspended all of her activities due to health reasons. She shared, “I exercised a lot and took care of myself. I’m better now.”

When asked about the reason she chose “Clean with Passion for Now” as her first role in a while, she described, “The story of this drama is very bright and heartwarming, so I wanted to send the positive energy that I received through this drama to many viewers.”She went on to talk about her personality. She said, “My favorite thing is just lying on my bed under a pile of blankets and watching a good movie. I feel the most comfortable when I’m cooking something delicious for myself, when I’m taking a nap with my cat, and when I’m feeling the warm sunlight coming through my windows.”Kim Yoo Jung also mentioned how she manages stress. “If I see the inevitable stress that I get in life as a big wave every time, it will swallow me up like a tsunami. If I see it as gentle waves that come and go, it’s easier to forget about them.” She stated that her goal of 2018 is taking care of herself more and spending more time with her fans.JTBC’s upcoming drama “Clean with Passion for Now” will premiere after the finale of “The Beauty Inside” in November. Kim Yoo Jung will star in the drama with Yoon Kyun Sang and Song Jae Rim.

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