Mnet To Launch New Variety Show About Guessing Celebrities' Choices

A new variety show is coming to Mnet!

Titled “I’m Not the Same Person You Used to Know” (literal translation), the quiz program will feature celebrity’s closest associates (friends, girlfriends, managers, parents, siblings, etc.), who each have their own ideas of the celebrity’s personality in their respective positions, predicting the celebrity’s next behavior after watching clips of their daily life.

It will show the point-of-views of various people around a celebrity and be an opportunity to discover the new sides of celebrities. It is also expected to be a chance for those who think they know the celebrity best to find out if they really know them or not.

The production crew of the program revealed, “It will be the first time that a quiz has been taken to predict the next actions of a star from the perspective of a close associate.”

“I’m Not the Same Person You Used to Know” will premiere at the end of November on Mnet.

What do you think about the upcoming variety show?

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