BTS Stan Tour: 7 Places In Seoul ARMYs Have To Visit

In Korea, K-pop fans sometimes go on what is called a dukhoo tour. Basically, it stands for “stan tour.” Fans will identify (public) places that their favorites have been to and plan their entire day dedicated to their favorite stars!

We’re sure that in the long list of ARMY bucket lists, one item that tops the list is visiting Korea. And we’re even more certain that visiting BTS-related places takes up a huge chunk of that list. If you’re nodding your head yes at this, then thankfully, we’ve compiled some of these places into one list so that when you finally get the chance to visit Korea, you’ll be able to find them without much trouble!


Check out seven places in Seoul that are perfect for your very own BTS stan tour:

Yoojung Sikdang

Remember how we couldn’t stop crying when BTS won their first daesang, or when they performed “Born Singer” at the “2017 WINGS Tour Final In Seoul”? Yoojung Sikdang holds a special place in the BTS members’ hearts. It’s one of their regular go-to restaurants after hours of hard practice during the early days of their debut, but it also serves as a reminder of BTS’s humble past for ARMYs.

During BTS’s reality show “Rookie King,” the members spoke proudly of the restaurant and its owner who would treat the members as if they were her own sons. RM said, “During vacation, we would even eat two of our meals here.” Suga added, “[The owner’s] food was like my mom’s home-cooked meals.”

In an interview, the owner remarked, “I love them like they’re my own children. They’re all so polite and kind.” She added “I truly believe that they’ll be successful. They’re so polite and bright. I really think they’ll be successful. They have to be!” Actual tears running down our faces right now.

Although Yoojung Sikdang is famous for its grilled pork belly and wraps, it also offers affordable meals, perfect for Seoul’s lunch time rush. During my visit, I ordered the budae jjigae (Korean army stew) and my friend ordered a light tofu stew. Both meals were delicious, and in every corner of the restaurant there were banners, stickers, and even a pseudo-shrine for BTS. The restaurant was packed with ARMYs, workers from nearby offices, and neighborhood regulars.

Address: 서울특별시 강남구 논현동 8-8
Directions: Get off at Hakdong Station through Exit 7. Keep walking forward for about 10 minutes until you see Fotton Garment to the right across the street. When you see it, turn left to the first street you see and walk up. Take a right immediately, and walk until you see Yoojung Sikdang.

BT21 Line Store + Cafe

The BT21 store and cafe is an obvious destination course for any ARMY, young and old. Although BT21 merchandise can be found in multiple LINE stores around Seoul, the Itaewon flagship store in particular is special since this is where Tata, RJ, Chimmy, Cooky, Mang, Shooky, Koya — and space robot Van — all came to life, drawn by the members themselves.

The second floor holds a display for BT21 clothes, dolls, accessories, and other goods, while the third floor is the LINE Store’s very own cafe. One portion of the third floor is dedicated to all things BT21, so take all the pictures you want and even sit in the seats BTS sat in while they created these adorable characters!

Don’t forget to try out the special BT21 drinks as well. I bought the mango slushy “Chimmy” drink, which also came with a little postcard of Jimin. It was too cute, and refreshingly delicious!

Address: 서울특별시 용산구 이태원로 200
Directions: Get off Itaewon Station through Exit 3. Walk straight until you see the Line Store! The BT21 store is on the second floor, while the cafe is on the third floor.

Abandoned Swimming Pool At SNU

If you’re a HYYH enthusiast like me, you’re going to cry (cue that RM line in “Fake Love”) tears of pure sadness at this next stop, since this is one of the locations from the “HYYH On Stage: Prologue” video. Remember when the boys were enjoying their youth, playing golf, and dancing in an empty weed-infested swimming pool in the video? The abandoned swimming pool at Seoul National University is where they were able to get all those nostalgic shots.

Although many people have added their own creations to the graffiti-covered walls, many of the artwork displayed in the video can still be seen today. The abandoned swimming pool has a rustic, mystical charm to it, as if all time has stopped since the pool was abandoned. It takes some effort to get here, but it is so worth it.

Directions: Get off Seoul National Univ. Station through Exit 3. Walk straight until you see the 5513 bus stop. Ride the 5513 bus until you stop at 유전공학연구소.반도체공동연구소 (the bus stop ID is 21-277). Walk towards the building/parking lot on the right, and find a stairway that leads up a mountain trail. Just walk straight up until you come across the pool building. You should find the stairs to the abandoned swimming pool after a couple of steps in the area.

&gather cafe

Ah, yes, episode 45 of “Run BTS!” — another chaotic episode in which Jin is wearing a bunny suit while the rest of the members are decked out in full barista gear. Which is a rather regular day in the life of Bangtan, to be honest.

ARMYs who’ve watched this episode will know that although it was all fun and games with Jin’s ridiculous costume, the boys went all out in attempting to create their very own cups of various coffees. At &gather cafe, ARMYs will be able to see just where the boys were putting in all their blood, sweat, and tears into perfecting the coffee recipes.

I was able to go when the cafe was a holding an event for Jimin’s birthday and received a coffee cup holder after buying a rosy latte (Jin’s coffee!). The cafe also had a corner dedicated to Jimin.

Address: 용산구 한남동 96-3
Directions: Get off Hannam Station through Exit 1. Walk down the road until you see a GS25 convenience store. At here, turn right, and keep walking until you reach the first stoplight to cross the street. Cross, then keep walking further until you come across the cafe on your left.

Laundry Pizza

Laundry Pizza is where BTS shot their album jacket covers for “Love Youself: Her.” Though it might look like a vintage laundromat, it’s actually a pizza restaurant!

Enjoy a slice of pizza while you check out all the aesthetic props in the restaurant!

Address: 서울 강남구 봉은사로4길 22
Directions: Get off Sinnonhyeon Station through Exit 4 and make a right turn immediately (you should see Next Plastic Surgery Clinic before turning). When you see the CU convenience store, take a left and keep walking until you see Gyoza In Seoul. Take a right there, and keep walking until you come across Laundry Pizza, Double Trouble, or Brotherhood Kitchen, since they’re all in the same building. Laundry Pizza is in the basement floor.

VT Pink House

The VT Pink House is a dessert cafe for the VT cosmetics brand, but it’s plastered with so many photos and stands of BTS that it might as well be a BTS cafe! Located in the heart of Hongdae, the VT Pink House will take up plenty of space in your phone due to the sheer amount of aesthetic photos you can take here while you enjoy a sweet drink.

The cafe recently added an image of BTS to its walls outside, so make sure to take some photos here as well!

Address: 서울특별시 마포구 와우산로29가길 84
Directions: Get off Hongik University station through Exit 9. Take a left when you see the first big road with ABC Mart, and keep walking until you’re in front of the MCM store. Take a right, and keep walking until you see the Monobloc Cafe. Here, take a left and you should see the VT Pink House after a couple more steps!

Star Gallery at Lotte Department Store

An extremely tourist-y place, but a requirement for your Seoul trip is the Star Gallery at Lotte Department Store. If you’re multifandom, you’re in luck, since you can be surrounded by not only BTS, but also TWICE, Super Junior, and EXO as well!

Getting back to our boys though — once you get to the Star Gallery, you’ll be able to feel as close to them as you can without intruding on their space, via a hand model display! As you can see, V has ridiculously large hands, while Jimin’s hands are just as smol as you’d probably think. Although we may not be able to meet them in person, the hand model display serves as a great way for us to feel closer to our boys.

Address: 서울특별시 중구 을지로 30
Directions: Underground at Euljiro 1-ga Station, head towards Exit 7, but don’t climb up. Instead, head towards the entrance of the Lotte Department Store. Pass by the fast food restaurants and take a left to walk until you spot the escalators. Take the escalators up to the first floor, walk out Exit 4 and you should see the Star Gallery right away!

These are just seven of the countless BTS-related places around Korea. There are even more outside of Seoul, too. I know, we can hardly wait to do a part two to this BTS stan tour.


Which location do you want to visit the most? Let us the know in the comments below!

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